Dec 9, 2010

To Amma

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Anonymous said...

I can imagine..a Christmas with out celebrations. The same way was last Onam for us.

Beautiful and touching post...

A said...

Very good. I assume you are also sending 'personal letters' that you don't post here. Do that too if you are not doing already.

NRIGirl said...

Thank you @Stranger!

@A! Now that everyone is click of a button away letter writing is diminishing. Unless and until I need to send in something by post most correspondences these days are done by email.

However, I do write to a few family members who can't read English or who don't have email accounts. If not often, definitely for Christmas I do. That explains my new stationary... :)

A said...

Write to your mom also in old fashioned way with card. She will be happy and do not tell her in advance.

Neeha said...

Christmas without celebration..Would surely disappoint everyone..
I really liked this letter-writting style:)
I think I already mentioned dis point,didn't I??

Y L said...

Waiting for the post to receive your letter.
The baby Jesus was born to bring great Joy to all men and to break the sharpness of death. When the lullaby was sung in our college
Christmas party two days back , I just imagined holding Baby Jesus in my hand.Though you do not set up the Christmas tree and the stars and lights as a mark of respect to the dear departed, I am sure you celebrate the Birth of the Savior with singing carols and reading about His birth from the Bible with the children.

Paul said...

Sorry a poor reader! I just now read this blog. I like Amma's comment's

Nice one Amma

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