Sep 19, 2013

You know what I would do?

You know what I would do?
I would first post the blog post I had written a week ago
Then what I would do...

I would start from the upstairs
My closet
Separate the clothes - clean vs dirty
Wash the dirty ones
Fold the clean ones
Put them away

Then what I would do..
I would quickly clean the master bath
Then Israel's closet
That would be a breeze

Then I would move on to the children's rooms
I would first make their beds with clean sets of sheets
I might even rearrange the furniture a bit
To give the rooms a fresh new look
They would love that, won't they?

I would quickly check their closets
Making sure things are in place
I would gather all the dirty clothes
Hiding under the bed, behind the doors, atop the beds
Wash them all
Fold them all
Put them away

Then I would quickly clean their bathroom
Empty the dust bins

Then what I would do...

I would come downstairs
Starting with the windows
Draw the curtains; all the way
Raise the windows
So fresh air and bright sun can come in

Remove the dead leaves from the plants
Water the plants
Tidy up the front rooms
Quickly wiping down the powder room

I would then take out the fish to thaw
Putting the lentils in the pressure cooker
Setting the rice cooker to delay cook in few hours
I would then empty the dish washer
And also reload the dish washer

Clear the counter tops
Of books, pencils, crumbs, comb, Bible,
What not?

Then what I would do?
I would make myself a nice cup of coffee
Sit back and relax
In my sparlkly clean home...

This is what I would do
If I had some time...

For now what I would do
I would sigh
Post this on the blog and
Just move on with this flow called life

What else could I do?

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