Dec 31, 2010

Congratulations to the winner(s)!

If you recall the giveaway announced earlier this month, today is the draw date.

It gives me great joy to consider all the participants as winners! It is truly my dream come true. Thank you for sharing in my dream! 

The winners are (in alphabetical order):

1. A
2. Bikramjit
3. Christopher
4. Doc
5. Jackie Parkes
6. Kalonda
7. ....Petty Witter
8. Raji, California
9. Reena - Oman
10. Renu
11. sm
12. Stranger

Congratulations to the winners! Thank you for participating in the giveaway! To claim your teddy bear, please email your mailing address to nrigirl at hotmail dot com

~ NRIGirl


Bikram said...

Thank you so much....

sm said...

thank you
happy new year

Amrit said...

Ahah. Now I get it. I never win any contest, gambling, prizes or awards based on luck. I was surprised when I read email. But your post explains...everyone won :)))


joejoseph said...

hai nri girl ;

how is going 2010 and 2011
wish you a prosperous new yeare you and your isrealand kids ,

see you

Anonymous said...

Thank you Queen...

I am rather like A..I never win anything in any lucky draws. If it is a contest based on some skill I normally go with the prize.. (remember those college but luck..never. I always believed there are more deserving people than me...

Thank you so much...Happy New your family and you...and to our Mother YL...

Felicity Grace Terry said...

Many thanks, I'm delighted to be the new owner of one of your bears - I shall treasure him always. Best wishes for 2011, PW.

NRIGirl said...

Glad to hear from you all! Thank you for the New Year wishes. Wishing you the same...

Hi @JoeJoseph! Have we met?

raji said...

oh!i just saw this...Thanks a lot:)will mail u the adress soon..

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