Dec 15, 2010

Dinosaur Eggs

The latest craze for Joshua is the dinosaur eggs. I must explain these are toys that look very much like eggs that you soak in water and patiently wait for it to "hatch" or if you are a little low on patience, pry them open with provided tools to get to your "baby dinosaur". We all know these are toys but Joshua would like to believe it is real egg with toy dinosaurs inside. Whatever!

Any shops we go to he asks for dinosaur eggs. Tell me how many is enough; will three do? Not for Joshua. He wants it again and again and again. Couple of days back we went to the nearby store to quickly pick up something and Joshua started his pleading for yet another dinosaur egg.

I would have bought him one if not for the fact that the girls gave lengthy lectures why I shouldn't buy him one. One explanation was that the last time he had a dinosaur egg while he was working on it he got angry with Mommy for something and decided to throw away the dinosaur egg in the garbage. Though honestly I do not recall the incident when two kids are saying so and the third not denying it, I had to believe it did happen. After that Kid 3 stopped asking for it and we left it at that.

Today was Christmas Boutique where vendors set up tables selling gifts at school and children could take money and buy gifts for their siblings and parents for Christmas. All three children look forward to this event a lot and throughout the year their conversation would be around how much they will get for Christmas boutique the following Christmas.

I am normally generous and give them $20 each but seeing all the garbage they brought in a few years ago I had to limit it at $10 for couple of years. So this year lot of pleading went in ahead of time to give them $20 each as I used to as some of the things they really want to buy costs them more and with $10 they can not get gifts for all five of us (yes, they always count themselves too).

So with a long lecture on what not to buy, they were given $20 each to spend on with a message that whatever left over money they bring back will go into their savings account. End of the day Rachel brought $7 back but then she didn't get anything for herself and daddy; she gave me a book lamp and her siblings finger puppet theatre riddles.

Sharon spent all her money and got herself a lot of gifts - six to be exact - and all of us one each. I got a cookie box which I liked, some erasers for Joshua, a tiny notebook that said 'Dad' for daddy and a nice framed art for Rachel's desk.

Joshua only got $15 to begin with - with a promise that his $5 will be directly going into savings. He comes home with a pair or winter socks each for the girls, a bracelet for Sharon and a mini cute little nativity set for Rachel and few bath toys for his favorite cousin (Joses) and the rest all he spent on himself! Guess what he got? Of course Dinosaur eggs - what else!! How many? Four!!

He is all smiles and so are we... Oh! that's not true; Sharon is not very happy about her "boring bracelet & puppet theatre" as she calls it, she wants the nativity set that Rachel got AND one of the dinosaur eggs! Whoever said money is the answer for everything?! It does not work that way for us... at least not now...

P.S: Rachel is 11, Sharon 9 and Joshua is 7 as we speak...


A said...

Very nice. So your Christmas tree has some presents. Post some pix of tree with wrapped presents sitting under it. Do not believe you posted.

NRIGirl said...

No tree is put up this year @A! No decoration whatsoever - honoring Mother in law.

That's the reason why we opened these gifts today... otherwise we would have waited till Christmas to do so

Balachandran V said...

Nice reading! You should put in a picture of your kids! Wish you all a Merry X'mas, in advance!

NRIGirl said...

Thank you Balachandran V. I will soon post it.

A said...

That makes sense NRIGirl. Sorry forgot about it for a moment.

Y L said...

Very good reading!

There is always a glow in my heart when I read

about Joshua!

I have explained to the girls why he is special

to me and so they understand.

How typical of Sharon and how much matured

Rachel is!

Love you all much.

raji said...

@Nri ,so sweet of joshua !how old is he? I really appreciate his shopping sense.Bracelet was a nice gift.And dinasour eggs ,uff ..he is so obsessed with it!

Bikramjit said...

:) Aliens eggs were a big thing last year here and australia, put some wter and leave the container and watch the alien grow..
this year as you said the eggs are but here its alien eggs ...

aww bless them they bought for you and each other awwwwwww lovely and Noooooo Joshua got another egg he heeh e :) I guess a MAN thing
if he has to buy he has to buy he hehehe :)

HAve a great christmas love to the kids ..

BUt on other thoughts does it really matter how educated you are or how great you are in the theory part... Is it really important to have 90% marks to make a better candidate...

all these questions one can MUG up and deliver the question is what do they do when they actually sit on the seat and work

that is more important .. The reason i say is I have given interviews here a few times and NO ONE has so far asked me about my educational qualifications, or seen my degree ..

we have had a general chit chat, a few questions on personal note what do i do hobbies this and that and then there has been a mock exam and that too very very simple on the computer write a program to produce Fibonacci series or something on that matter ..

I think its more important to be a team member, because all the tips one can pick up as they go along and learn.. one shud be a good learner and willing to work hard..
thats my idea..

Gel in the team, working together, a fast learner basically a Good person is what one shud aim for and I dont mean a uneducated person can do it but Education shud not be the only criteria I am crap in education..


....Petty Witter said...

Both alien eggs and dinosaur eggs are popular here in England as well.

This sounds like a great event and a fantastic way to learn children about the value of money. I'm glad to hear you are such a generous and realistic mom. Having taken away groups of children in the past, we all too often found they had been given a couple of pound spending money and a huge list of 'gifts' they had to bring back for various family members. It always ended in tears.

Black Walnut Pearl said...

Love them! btw, where is my gift;)

YL said...

hallo Pearl! thanks for reminding me to ask?

where is my gift, dear children?

I remember last year Sharon bought me a towel.

why you all forgot me this year?

dr.antony said...

We have the Kinder surprise here,which has chocolate eggs with small toys inside.I think most children are fond of them.because of the surprises inside.
Have a wonderful Christmans

NRIGirl said...

Thank you all! Appreciate your comments and wishes. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas too!

Stranger said...

Good post as usual. Merry Christmas wishes to all of you.

I make my daughters help me with cleaning house and keeping their room tidy to make them earn money. Then we all go out together to buy things for that money. That way I can make sure that they are not spending it on trifle things... I dont give them money for any festivals... may be I should start like you...

Stranger said... forgot, the money they earn they spent for themselves...

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