Dec 1, 2010

From NRIGirl

Friends! Just for fun tried something new... Let's see if you can figure it out... Please click on the picture once to open in a new browser, click again to view bigger...


Bikramjit said...

You like to spring surprises .. Ok I could not read it fully :) I need a mirror let me go get one

Hari K Gottipati said...

I don't have patience to read it backwards :-). Opened in image viewer and clicked on "Flip Horizontal". It did the magic. Sending the flipped image in email :-)

P.S: It is sunny outside. It could be the reason why I don't have patience to read it backwards :-)

NRIGirl said...

Smart ideas guys!

While Bikramjit couldn't possibly send us the mirror, Hari was kind enough to email me the flipped image.

Thanks to you both!

dr.antony said...

That was fun stuff !

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