Silly Bandz Economics

Silly bandz is the latest trend among school going kids here in the United States. Silly bandz are rubber bands, shaped like objects such as birds, animals, people, things etc - which you can wear like a bracelet around your wrist. Children normally wear dozens of them at a time to show off their collection. It is a fun and affordable toy.

Recently I got a pack each for my three kids and it is fun to watch them play with  it. The idea is to collect unique silly bandz - so if they have two cows, they would swap one for an ostrich with someone else. I find it interesting to see how it brings the kids together at home, in school, in the neighborhoods, across age and gender groups. Children trade them with each other.

Lot of decision making goes into play, whether to trade or not, what to trade for what, is it worth the trade, etc. Trying to "sell", negotiating the "price" to buy, considering if it is a good "deal" or not, giving away a few as "gift" to make a new friend... They don't mind trading two or more to get a rare one at times... It is almost like "money" in the kids world these days... It is interesting to see how the simple looking silly bandz cover the concepts of economics...

If you are interested to buy them, please check it out below:

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