Oct 27, 2011

The Affair

He has been busy lately - ever since assuming higher responsibilities under a new role at work. He hardly calls during the day and when she calls he would be to the point. Arriving home, he would quickly change and log back into work and continue till mid night or even beyond.

The occasional moments when he is not in front of his computer, he talks about work and only work. For a week or two she didn't mind it but now that it is about two months she was beginning to be concerned.

When she brought up the subject his crisp answer was, "Lot more to be done to set the process before I can relax." No one is after him or anything. It is just his own process. He can take his time. Why hurry then?

He says if he sets his expectations from the beginning it will be easier to run the team rather than letting them continue what mess they are in and worry about clean up later. Okay good enough; how long it would take for him to set the process? "Until December!", he answered. That made her worry even more.

Life was smooth otherwise - until all of a sudden she thought of the unthinkable. Never before & never after but that day it occurred to her: What if?! Head spinning, heart racing, breath quickening she picked up the phone and speed dialed him.

Him: "Hello Mone!"
Her: "Mmm... hello... are you busy?"
Him: "Yes! just about to get into a meeting. What's up?"
Her: "Nothing..."
Him: "Are you okay?"
Her: "Mmm... Are you having an affair?"
Him: "Yes!" (her heart stops!)
Him: "With you!" (beats again!!)

Sure, that made her day. She went for a fresh walk, came back and cooked some and they lived happily ever after!

Oct 25, 2011

Chocolate & Jack fruit

I found it interesting how a children's book author Pseudonymous Bosch describes chocolate in his book This book is not good for you. Sharing it below...

"Rich, ripe, dark, deep, zippy, zesty, wicked, wonderful, delicious, delightful, delectable, and even electable (if he could vote), vibrant, vivacious, seductive, addictive, oh so very attractive, nourishing, flourishing, rather ravishing, beautiful, buttery, sometimes bittersweet but never bitter, gorgeous and worth gorging on, berry-ish, cherry-ish, meaty yet fruity, elemental yet complex, mellow yet electric, soothing yet energizing, earthly yet heavenly, melt-in-your-mouth pleasure of chocolate."

Let me try to describe one of my favorites - jack fruit:

Ripe, sweet, juicy, huge, dense, thick, thin, delicious, mouth watering, sweet smelling, rich, flavorful, beautiful, crunchy, chewy, crispy, very yummy, tasty, yellow, mellow jack fruit!

Okay I give up! I couldn't think of anything more...

Now how would you describe chocolate or jack fruit or any of your favorites? Give it a try! It will be fun...

Oct 22, 2011

The joy of art

After a lo..ng time I got to do some art. Here's sharing my joy with you all...

Poster colors on canvas. Size: 2 1/2 X 2 1/2"



Night sky

Oct 19, 2011

Under our banana tree!


Since I work from home these days I don't get to meet people on a daily basis. Hence I thought I would invite you all in.

Welcome to my "corner office" which is a tiny 6 X 10 room off of our kitchen. It was supposedly a laundry room as per the original plan, but since we moved the laundry upstairs I could use it as my study.

This is where I spend a good ten hours of my waking life. Shown as is... I am glad it is less messier than other times...

Can you spot Sharon's skirt? It is awaiting my attention to sew on a button. It has been weeks since she handed it over to me and I haven't got to it yet.

The problem is, I can't find a spare button to use... If you've got one, would you care to share?

One benefit of working from home is that I do actually change the date in the calendar! :)

The Tamil letters read, "Surely blessing I will bless you, and multiplying I will multiply you" a Bible verse from Hebrews 6:14

Now, don't get me started on any of these books. Though I work from home I hardly find time for reading at leisure. That brown hard bound book with a string  you see? - that is the treasure find I often share from. Example: What is a Boy?, What is a Girl?, My Last Will and Testament, etc.

The Arrow Writers Handbook is a garage sale find and it is so tiny that I can probably finish it in less than 15 minutes, but still haven't had the time to go through it.
For those of you puzzled by my title, let me explain I have got a banana tree for company!

Israel is a huge fan of eating on banana leaf and so when we saw one in the store this summer he bought it! Israel and kids have enjoyed many meals on the leaves already.

Now that the cold weather is setting in, it is a big dilemma if it will survive the winter. 
In an attempt to save it I have moved it to my room which gets ample sunlight throughout the day. Will keep you guys posted at the end of the season on it's well being.

Knick knacks are my fancy and the easiest place to showcase them is on the window sil. The pinecones in the background are place settings from my friend's wedding party. That teeny tiny fur puppy is the closest I can get to a dog in this life, as Israel is against owning pets.... :(
My treasure basket full of Where is Waldo and Better Homes and Garden magazines - which I briefly browse thru' during downtime. 

My abandoned office bag and the earlier purse I was using. The wood thing is actually a shelf, patiently awaiting installation by Israel.

Why blame him, it is high time I learn to use some of these hardware tools; so let me give it a try.

So long!
So, that's it! We are done with the tour of my little space where I connect from.

Thank you for joining me today and hope you are not in a hurry to leave; please stay a while longer... we'll have some tea!

P.S: The pictures are all clickable, for a better view.

Oct 18, 2011


In Grandma's house there was a swing - a wooden board tied on ropes to a strong Neam branch. We would take turns to play on it and I am sure I enjoyed it the most. I went back to it again and again even when no one else was interested.

Sitting on the board pulling it slightly back, kicking with the feet to get the momentum for take off... then on every return to kick it harder and harder again to go further and further away in the skies... wow! nothing can compare to the sheer joy it brought to me as a child!

When we started our family the very first thing we bought for our home was the swing set. Whenever I thank Israel for marrying me (yes I do thank him), the first thing that comes to my mind is that he got me my very own swing set. No, I haven't told him that and unless he reads this post he never will know; he thinks we bought it for the children. Whether our babies played on it or not I loved to play on it every single day. It was a routine for a looo..ng time until life got busy.

These days just looking at the swing set through the window gives me the same joy as and when I was playing on it. It seems kind of like my own magic carpet waiting for my orders to take me places. So when the talk came up among my kids to get rid off the swing set now that they are bigger, I stomped my foot (in my mind) and said it stays! The reason I gave was, "One can never get older for a swing".

Swinging makes me a child again - carefree and let lose to conquer the world and if possible the skies riding on the winds with or without my wings!

Oct 15, 2011

Story time!

Rachel has been busy these days - she is writing a story. I like what she has written so far and got her permission to share it. Posted as is...  Rachel is 12; attends 7th Grade.

Untitled - By Rachel Israel

How would you like to be made really famous just for talking about someone’s life? Like, just for writing a stupid story about some-little-nobody’s life. That is what I’m doing, but it isn’t the easiest thing to do. In fact, I feel like I’m embarrassing her in front of the world, (TOO BAD) but somewhere deep down inside, I’m trying to protect that little-nobody by writing this story. If I write this story nobody will think she exists, and overall, I’ll win. :)

Or if you decide to doubt my words, I’m OK. For all you care, I could be writing this just for the sake of entertainment. But between you and me, this book is deadly in its own way. It could be a lie or even worse, the truth.


I walked along the streets of New York as fast as I could. I went from block to block searching for IT. IT wouldn’t be very important to most people but to me, it was. I was abandoned, friendless, and alone. I was on the most dangerous mission of my life. My mission was to find Jezebel. Jezebel was so nice but her evil thoughts were so obvious. I knew I shouldn’t have befriended her. I should’ve seen it coming but as keen as I was, I had failed to sense it and in turn she betrayed me.

I raced past another Dunkin Donuts and when I smelled the brewing coffee, and that is what really woke me up. I realized where IT could really be. After I had narrowed it down to a smaller number, I set out to find IT. As I was getting faster and faster by the moment I turned around. Just for that time I had seemed to lose my mannerly actions. Then I gave out a sharp cry as I bumped into the last person that I would expect to see, Jezebel.


I was very shocked to see Jezebel here. I hoped that she wouldn’t recognize me the same way I had recognized her. Before she looked up, I blew wisps of my silky brown bangs in front of my eyes and pulled my head down just in case she did happen to notice me.

Before I continue, Why are my eyes covered you might ask. I have the most recognizable eyes that you would have ever seen. If you tried to forget it, you wouldn’t be able to. It’s scary, I know. I’m trying not to get my eyes noticed by many people. Just for the record, in case you see Jezebel; don’t tell her you saw a brown-haired girl with blue eyes tinted the lightest shade of purple or in other words, me.

I kept on walking after my encounter with Jezebel. If I saw her here then maybe just maybe there’s a chance that IT’s here too. As I was looking for IT every second that passed by made me feel more rushed. I felt the darkness of Jezebel’s schemes closing in on me. It seemed inevitable.

Thinking back on my first encounters with Jezebel I wonder, was she still looking for me or did she get over it yet? Jezebel was last seen by The AGENCY members saw her was at very big fire. When the AGENCY heard that she got out they told us all to run. After all we were the people who “ruined” her life.


I’ve been running for about two months literally! I’m roaming the streets of New York. I’ve passed Jezebel once already in this big city. Will this be it? Is this the only clue I get? As I was inquiring myself, a rather rare object caught my attention.

I stood in the middle of a zebra-patterned road. “5…4…” the lights flashed, cars seemed to screaming “Get out of the way!”

I stood in front of the cars as the light were blinking its last numbers. I grabbed the oddest looking piece of glass. It resembled a heart and it had many corners and edges. The glass was also tinted green.

I ran across the street just in time. I stood at the end of the street marveling at the piece of glass, “This must be it!” I said to myself. I kept it in my pocket. Little did I know that it was blinking like a tracking device. No, wait! It was a tracking device.

Across the street in an alley stood a young business man he pressed a few buttons on his phone then in his dreary monotonous voice said, “She has taken the bait.” A smile crept onto the man’s face but he quickly wiped it off, and he continued to nonchalantly carry his briefcase. When he turned around the corner, just as if you had turned a light off, he vanished.

... to be continued

Oct 11, 2011

Head over heart

Last couple of days I wasn't myself. I was thinking more with my head and not with my heart. This was very strange for me. Didn't like it a bit.

Even in my prayers the head came in between; the words appeared to come from the head and not much the heart. It was kind of void of any feelings or true meaning.

Anyways, I am back to my normal self today as I don't hear much of my head in the background anymore. This comes as a huge relief. This softens me! Helps me breath better! I can now feel more and reason less.

Noticed that head-heavy made me proud and heart-heavy makes me not. Head reasoned 'why should I' and the heart ponders 'why shouldn't I'. Head defends; heart accepts. Head was stubborn; heart is fluid.

I wonder what causes the shift between head vs. heart and how do we balance them both?

Googled articles mostly refer to relationships and talk about emotional vs. logical people. But what I am talking about here is, nothing specific, just in general, when or why our head overtakes the heart or vice versa.

Can you relate to anything similar? Thought I would check with you...

Oct 6, 2011

To make the short story long...

Conversations with my children these days are extremely "interesting" as they go about in elongated routes to explain every little details in their stories and every little bumps and hiccups that occurred. I better have a solid hour or two in hand before attempting to get an answer to a simple question.

An innocent "how was lunch?" could result in everything from the crowded microwave to a stolen chicken piece to some one's spilled lunch. The gym experience you would regret the moment you asked, it would go on and on and on - who got hurt, who lost their tooth, who cried, who got a tally, who pushed who, and then what happened... it is endless.

Today Sharon brought home a cast of a seashell she had made from plaster of paris to understand how fossils are formed. It was a non-stop narration of how she made it - not dismissing any single detail in between as irrelevant, a good quarter hour she went! No, I am not exaggerating.

I don't mind it at all! In fact I truly enjoy listening to their narration of the day's event. But what bothers me is that they demand undivided attention while they speak. How is it even possible when all of them speak at once?

The slightest distraction results in an abrupt shutdown and immediate withdrawal and retreat to their rooms. It would be more time consuming when they finally return to continue the story - after my heavy begging and pleading... It drains me out at times; what am I to do?

Wait a minute; I think I see the problem! Have I not made a short story long by this very post?! And you didn't even ask... I guess I can't blame the children then...

Oct 4, 2011

Life is like that...

Have you met Deeps? If not, here's a rare information about him - come closer... shhh... He is from Mars!

True! How do I know that? Of course from his blogger profile page!

However, looking at his picture we can't really say that, can we? I guess instead of speculating further we will leave it upto him to explain...

"Beginning from somewhere and ends nowhere ... that fraction in-between...is that life?", inquires Deeps. Is that?

Deep's Life's like that is unique from other blogs - in that he normally writes a mini post as one big long sentence, or at least that's what it feels like. Not that punctuations are missing; it's just that I try to read it in one stretch - mostly ending up out of breath and going back to read it at a slow pace all over again letting it slowly sink in!

Deeps is also an author! Infibeam lists at least four of his works; however these are flagged as 'out of stock' right now. Hopefully Deeps can keep us posted on their availability for purchase.

 Deeps is surely one of my favorite bloggers as his posts make me think... Interesting how just like Deep's posts this one too has turned out short! No, it was not intentional :)

Oct 3, 2011

A son shares about his Mom - A post by Israel

It has been almost a year since my mom passed away. I take this opportunity to share a few words about my Mom and the legacy she has left behind...

My mother Mrs. Santhoshamani Thavasikani was married to my father Mr. Thavasikani when she was 16 years of age! They both migrated to Bombay to start their family. We were seven children of 3 girls and 4 boys in all, myself being number six, the second last.

When we were all still very young, due to some family situation my father had to move back to our native place in Tirunelveli. He took the two older children with him while my mother had to raise the rest of us alone in Bombay. She was running a small grocery shop and my father would send in additional financial support from his farming back home.

I was truly blessed by my Mom. She was my spiritual role model and leader who led by example. She taught us how to trust in the Lord, how to serve the Lord & community and how to be faithful in the Lord.

She encouraged me in so many ways. When I was a child I had never seen my mom sleeping; she would be praying when I went to bed at night and would be still in prayers when I woke up. I am sure she went to bed in between; but to my little mind she appeared to be praying nonstop.

When I was about 12 years of age, I had boils on my body; I had this for many days. My school was about to start in couple of days, but I could not wear pants or shirts because of the boils. If I wore any clothes it would stick to my skin and would cause more damage to the skin while attempting to remove them. I was very sad that I could not make to school on the first day which was merely two days away.

My mom applied coconut oil and prayed over me, she was in tears for hours. Miraculously the next day all the boils dried up and I was able to make it to the first day of school! Praise God!

I was an "outstanding" student in school. Of course outstanding because my teacher would make me stand outside the class for disobeying her or not doing the homework or not getting good grades in exams or for bullying. When I came home,my elder sister Paul who was also my tuition teacher would plead with me to learn atleast one question & answer. Having pity on her I learnt a few.

My favorites were Maths, Science & Arts. I was very bad in Languages & History. Everyone(except my MOM) would scold me that I would be never successful in my life and that I was dumb & slow and that if I didn’t study I would have to beg for bread in my life.

My mom used to read me the biography of Thomas Alva Edison, and she encouraged me saying, "Even Edison was slow, but turned out be the smartest person ever known. My son would also become like him."

My mother was the making of me. She was so true, so sure of me, and I felt I had someone to live for, someone I must not disappoint.So I started focusing on studies and finally I was able to complete my Bachelors degree in Chemistry followed by an Aptech diploma in Computer Science.

My dream was to build a home for my Mom and provide everything that she ever wanted or needed and to see her happy. I was able to fulfill most of them but not all as she passed away soon. I am reminded of the fact that she lives in a better place.

I am truly blessed by my Mom's prayers and encouraging words. I owe it to God Almighty first, and next to my Mom for what I am today...

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