Mar 27, 2013

I am sorry

Waiting for my evening bus at Port Authority a couple of days ago, a lady walked up to me and asked if I could spare her a dollar; she was hungry. I instantly said, "I am sorry".

My reasoning was that I didn't have a $1 bill; but only a few $20's. I did not feel like extending a crisp $20 as I have done several times in the past out of a sudden emotion I had felt for the "needy", only to be fooled days later encountering the same few with different "needs".

I was being smart this time. They can't fool me again!

The lady moved on to the next person in the line, then to the next and so on. No body extended their hands. When she was at about the 5th person from me suddenly I began to panic.

What if she was really hungry? What if no one gave? So what if she might be a cheat. She looked hungry. The more I thought of her the more restless I felt.

I recalled all those coins I might be able to find in my bag - if I cared to look. Dropping my other belongings on the floor I frantically began to search. In a moment I had found a handful and was glad to spot a few quarters in it too.

I wasn't going to count, I would hand it all to her, I told my self.

When I looked up, she was gone!

I looked as far and wide as possible but she was nowhere to be seen.


I am sorry.

I truly am. :(

Mar 2, 2013

And the Liebster Award goes to...

Here's the deal.

To accept the Liebster Award Anil of Musings had passed on to me, I had to first answer his list of questions; then pick the bloggers to pass on the award to and also post 11 questions for them to answer.  (By the way, Liebster means dearest in German.)

So here we go...

Anil had asked...:

Q Are you proud of your country, if so why and if not why?
A I have a strong affinity; but proud, I am not too sure.

Q What have you given back to the world you live and or what do you intend to give in your life time?
A Grow some trees.

Q Are you afraid of death?
A Not mine; but others yes.

Q If you were to meet God in real life what would you do?
A Hug Him tight and kiss Him on the cheeks.

Q Would you want to make the future not mysterious?
A No.

Q Will you stand up for banning capital punishment, if not why?
A Yes.

Q What would you like to be if given a choice- King, an elected ruler or a fascist?
A Queen :)

Q Would you like to be like somebody? If so why and if not why?
A Not really. I perfectly like being me.

Q Do you think emotions are for weaklings? If not why?
A No. It takes courage to make known the real you.

Q What is in your opinion the reason for the misery in the world?
A Lack of love.

Q If there is another life what would you want to be a, Male or a Female?
A Dog; gender no bar.

And the award goes to...:

Take it away by answering the following questions:

Q How have you been?
Q What is one word that best describes you?
Q Are you in love with life?
Q What is your favorite color?
Q Are you famous?
Q Do you dream?
Q Tell me a joke?
Q What are you upto these days?
Q What is one book you would suggest I read?
Q If we were to run into each other would you smile and wave?
Q Any questions for me?

With that Anil I gladly accept my award! Thank you!

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