Dec 12, 2010

Merry Christmas to us all!

Dear God! How are you? Fine here and wish the same. Just returned from church. Pastor Doug's sermon on "Are you willing to do His will? If not, are you willing to be made willing?" was great. It put us right on track for Christmas.

As you know it is a huge celebration - your birthday - here on earth. Most of the homes, businesses and offices are decorated for Christmas. This season sure makes one merry. We sing carols, exchange gifts, gather as families, what not. Yesterday I was at the mall. It was full! The lines for Santa and family portraits were as long as the years before, if not longer. It reminded me of the little boy's question to his singer Aunt "Where is the line to see Jesus?" It did make me wonder the same.

The Live Nativity was much fun last night. We paid a surprise visit to see our "shepherd". I must say he was the best looking shepherd in the whole wide world. The hot chocolate, sugar cookies, the two lamas, the few sheep, the goats were all fun. Did you know one one of the goat's name was Nacho? That's right. Nacho got out of the pen a bit and stirred much interest among the younger visitors. Sure he behaved well. Even I got to touch him and the lamb. The lamas we wouldn't dare go near as we heard they spit. My favorite was the bonfires that warmed our hearts, the hay rolls we sat on and the huge trees full of lights. Pastor Rick's mini message at the end was icing on the cake.

So, what's news at your end? Busy busy I am sure, the angels and the heavenly hosts. Can't even imagine how beautiful the decor would be and how nicely the hallways are lit up. I must tell you it is so generous of you to keep the invitation open for all those who are willing to attend the party with you...

Oh! the reason for this letter now? I am glad you asked. We watched the movie "Letters to God" last night and I too felt like writing to you. After all we are in the midst of our letter writing spree these days, as if I needed an excuse to write... you know me better.

Okay Lord! Let me wind up now. Wishing you a Very Happy Birthday in advance and A Merry Christmas to us all!

Much love,


Anonymous said...

I own Letters to God. That is one of the best movies I have ever seen. Every time I watch it I feel like I am about to cry (but men do not cry right? lol) I enjoyed this. Thanks for posting this

A said...

Marry Christmas to you too. I will wish you again on Christmas too.

Very nice letter.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas NRIGirl...

Emily, Ruby Slipper Traveller said...

You're always so creative with your posts, Hepzibah! Inspires me to get my writing act together a bit!

And Merry Christmas in advance, though I'm sure I'll be back before then!

dr.antony said...

Wishing you a Christmas full of blessings.
Prayers go up, and blessings come down.Often our prayers are only requests. For a change, a simple hello,would be a change.

YL said...

Heard the song
where is the line to Jesus?
I wonder at the talents the people are gifted with and how they use them for the glory of God.
Also read the plot summary of the movie.
Joy to the world, the Lord is born!

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