Jun 30, 2012

My python print hobo

Few days ago I bought my first ever Coach bag! Never before. Never after. The first. Will also be the last! A beautiful python print hobo with leather handles. Absolutely adorable. The price? Don't even ask! Not a single soul knew - except of course you all now...

Having had no inkling towards the brand, I'd never even cared to glance in that direction in the past. Lately however, I have shown some interest in the collection at the local stores but would soon walk away calling those "sour grapes". No amount of justification would ever truly justify my purchase if there was one.

So it came as a surprise even to me when I fell in prey this time for the python print hobo! Why, am I a fan of pythons? Not at all! Hobos? Sure! Coach? Sort of... It was at the full retail price and without any second thought I bought it. Only to be tormented over the next few hours of "owning" it, with so much guilt leading upto a nightmare of not pythons but frogs!

With the new day came a new resolve. I would return it! Realized I could not possibly live with that kind of guilt rest of my life. Also, definitely would not stop with just this one, if at all I give in. The only right decision was to go without it!

Trust me, it was a HUGE relief when I got the whole amount credited back! I sleep so much better now and feel that much lighter... which is of course priceless!

Happy July everyone!

Jun 25, 2012

Me, Myself and I

What am I upto these days? Well, since you asked... I would like to know a little more about Me, Myself and I! If you have a clue please share but first let me explain...

Say, you called me. I say "Hello?" You ask, "Can I speak to Hephzibah?" Do I now say, "It's me!" or "It's her" or "It's she" or "She is me" - see how complicated and out of control it gets all of a sudden...

When Israel takes me out and I want to tell you about it, should I say,  "Israel & I" or "I and Israel" or "Myself and Israel" or "Israel and myself" ? When do we use what to refer to Me?

Which one of these is correct - "I think so" or "Me thinks so" or "I thought so myself"? Yes, I was attentive in grammer school; no, I do not recall an explanation on this.

Why oh why is this so complicated? Or is it just me? or I? or should I say, myself?

On a different note, if you haven't already tried Google Translate on your blog I highly recommend it. For a sampler try translating this post in your mother tongue by choosing your language from the drop down on the right panel... I am sure you will have a hearty laugh!

Jun 7, 2012

New England

Greetings from Acela again, this time heading towards home sweet home! I am wide awake to capture the New England country side I had missed during earlier part of my trip.

The captain is announcing that the train is speeding by 150 miles per hour and to make sure the overhead bins are kept shut. At this speed I am sure to miss a lot of scenes but will try to capture as much...

Wow! It's absolutely breathtaking! The ocean or backwaters whatever you want to call it spreads on one side - my seat unfortunately is on the land side; I am determined to make the most of the trip - looking both ways!

There are plenty of boats in the waters most of them with hoists and it makes it more dreamy like an exquisite painting! On my side, just passed a green river tumbling down towards the ocean - I am sure it runs into the ocean on the other side but I can't quite see.

We are now passing through wide open lush green area with huge trees. The tracks run on elevated grounds from where we can easily trace the tree tops and the clouds hovering over the trees - which are both below our eye level. The sky is overcast; looks like the sun took an early leave.

Every now and then I look at the other side to see what I might be missing there. Anytime I see the ocean and boats I feel bad I am not seated there and then take comfort in the streams and rivers rushing to merge from this end!

I am sorry, I must take back my words about the sun leaving early. Just from there to here, he is out and shining bright! Can't believe my eyes. The dark clouds are nowhere to be seen. So I turn my head and look back and there it is - the huge dark clouds that had covered the sun! Wow! Now I get a glimpse of what 150 miles an hour actually mean...

The houses look pretty with most of them having a curved semi circle room in it - I can tell by looking at the castle like bumps on the exterior walls. I am sure these are sun rooms or breakfast nook. Some have a small round or hexagonal glass window on the side of the house - like you would see on a ship! Seems to me there was a liking for these windows at some point in history - even in New Jersey you can find these...

Now I see some boats on my side too! I am happy. Very happy. Looks like it is a Marina. Quickly noted a few boat names - Cloud Nine, Lady Mine, etc.

Sun is gone again! Huge dark skies above. Soon it will be bright!

More rivers, more boats, some cranes, few standing on one leg, some on both, one flying...

Boulders on both sides...

Just passing the Police head quarters in the city of New London!

Muddy Waters Cafe, Crocker's Boat Yard, Rachel's Marina, a Salon, another cafe, Ocean Express Food Store....

The sun returned!

Kids playing at park.

Train whistle continuously blowing (wonder what for?)

A pond, another crane flying, another park, more whistling ( at this I make a mental note to google up when and why the whistle blows).

More boats, pond, cranes flying, cranes on one leg, on both legs, driving school, river, river bed, sun, cloud...
Crunch, crunch, crunch...(from the passenger next seat)
Chips, dips, crunch...
Chips, dips, crunch, smack!

That reminds me! I have a tuna sandwich! Let me get started on that!

You've got enough of the New England country side, I believe! If there is nothing more interesting to share we'll meet in New Jersey... Appreciate your company during this trip! Thank you!

Jun 6, 2012

Onboard Acela

Can't believe I have become such a show off lately but can't quite help sharing this with you. I am onboard the Acela on a business trip to Boston! "You? Business trip?", chuckled my friends and family. It is difficult for them to imagine my professional side having always looked at my domestic side. I am up to the challenge though.

Acela business class is great - with lot of leg room (for those who need it) and comfortable seating with wide windows. As much as I like train journey I find no thrill in traveling alone amidst serious looking business clan. I miss my family already. Mhmmmm...

However modern a city looks from the street level, the rail path reveals its other side - the broken buildings, the garbage dumps, the power transformers, the warehouses, the metal recyclers etc. New York city is no exception either. It has been over an hour and there seems no end to these ugly sights. My eyes are keenly looking out for the New England country side.

Ha! There goes the familiar highway! I believe it is I 95 but can't confirm. I 95 revokes the same memory for both of us (Israel & I).

It was on I 95 we were almost hit by falling furniture from a truck in front of us! The year was 1999! What was so unique about that journey was that we didn't have an address to call as our home then!

We had just married and arrived in the United States of America when we learnt that Israel had lost his job! Upon hearing the news we couldn't possibly move into our booked apartment in Boston or bring home our picked out furniture. Friends offered us boarding for few days.

On that particular day we were traveling to Harrisburg, Maryland for greener pastures. Our hearts were heavy from disputes with friends, wallets were empty, minds were preoccupied with endless worries and Rachel was on the way!

We were tired when we crossed New Jersey and had even ran out of topics for conversation. That's exactly when the furniture started to tumble down from the truck in front of us! We veered off in zigs and zags to escape the hit(s). It was a miracle we escaped any crash that day. I 95 - will forever keep us humble and grateful to God Almighty.

Now rolling the cameras back to the reality, looks like the ugly sights are all gone during our flashback above.... The New England country side is spread so beautifully out there - with boats and back waters and clear blue sky and beautiful trees and buildings rimming the water, etc. But unfortunately I can't stay wide awake to indulge in the beauty as my eyes pull in for some rest.

While you guys enjoy the sights around let me get some shut eye; trust that you'll keep me posted later...

P.S: Acela is an express train by Amtrak connecting Northeast United States. Here's the link for more...

Jun 1, 2012

June already?!

The day is just not moving! The last time I looked at the clock display on my desktop it said 10:58 AM and now after so long when I took a peek it has only skipped 4 minutes to 11:02 AM!

I hate days like this when I have so many errands at home pending my attention. This is exactly why I am a huge fan of work from home opportunities when one can manage work and home so effectively. Hhmmm... hard to come by these days...

It was a true shocker when I paused to read today's Scripture in the daily calendar as I left for work this morning. Here I am searching for the last Friday in May but it actually fell in June! What?! Knew June was coming but didn't expect it today!

Why such a rush? I know for a fact that this is a problem only in New Jersey. The other places I have been to had their clocks set to a slower pace, trust me!

By the way, the Scripture read, "He comes to judge the earth" (Psalm 96:13)

Okay then, while at it let's make the best use of June. All I can think of is flowers, flowers, flowers and more flowers. It's like I can't put it off anymore. So I am heading straight to the nursery after work and bringing home lots and lots and lots and lots of flowers! Will share some pictures when the dust settles and Israel calms down...

Happy June!

For those who care, the clock display now says 11:23 AM. See what I mean?
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