Dec 8, 2010

$1 $pecials

 If you have read my Gone Shopping post you know that I love to shop. Not only in big fancy stores, but also in the dollar stores and garage sales. Some of my friends think it is below their dignity to shop in $1 stores, but I am a huge fan of dollar stores for specific items.

Garage sale is another one of my favorites. I have also held garage sales - twice - first time we made a little over $100 and the next time a little below - not bad for otherwise throw away stuff right? Thought so too.

Here's a listing of my top 12 $1 picks from both garage sales & dollar stores...
  1. Gilded Bibles (KJV) from Dollar Tree
  2. A mini desk fan - bought 10 years ago - which is still working good
  3. A tooled leather handbag which was originally bought by the owner for $169 - with the original tag still in place - never used
  4. A beautiful framed art which hangs in our basement wall nice and square
  5. Beautiful glass bowls - 36 in all - for only $1! I did distribute it among many of my friends - gave them all six each and I still have 12 for myself. Use it for dessert in all our get together.
  6. DVDs - which I later sold in amazon for prices ranging from $3.99 to $13.99!
  7. A finger ring with red stones - I am positive it is gold with rubies - but can't be too sure unless I take it to a jeweller...
  8. 5 x 7 picture frames from dollar store. For Rachel's birthday at home this Fall, I clicked the pictures of the guests as they arrived - alone or with their parent(s) as they were dropped off. Before the party was over, we printed the best shots of each child in Costco and framed it for the goody bag special. Trust me it was a hit among both children & parents alike!
  9. My kitchen jars from dollar store - I guess it was 2 for a $1 - bought 12 years ago in our first apartment. Since they aren't breaking I am still using them.
  10. Mylar balloon - which makes every occasion special. When Mom arrived from India kids brought "Welcome Home" balloons to the airport to receive her. When my cousin had a new born we visited with "It's a Boy!" balloon at the hospital. We always make sure to have plenty of "Happy Birthday!" balloons handy in parties so that each child guest can take one home; if there is no party we still have at least one balloon which is later released into the air with many "good bye"s.
  11. Birthday number candles - Hard to believe the same thing costs $3 or more in department stores.
  12. Not to forget the McChicken burger and fries
Money well spent - right?!


Neeha said...

Even I love to shop in such a sales..
N as for shopping ob,no1 can separate girls & shopping,its like they are interrelated.
Brought a DVD for 1$ n sold it for higher price..haha..Good..

Anonymous said...

I am not that big a fan of shopping. But I am impressed with your list. Especially the frames. Great idea! :)

Bikramjit said...

he he he so much fora dollar... Nice one
I rememeber getting a whole set of DVD at a garage sale about 20 or 30 of them for a pound and they were all classics ...

i love the car boot sales you can get some nice deals ...

....Petty Witter said...

A big fan of (£) pound shops. We have car boot sales here in England but alas no garage sales - perhaps I should introduce the custom.

A said...

Good list. But don't buy what you don't need. That is the best strategy.

NRIGirl said...

Appreciate all the comments friends.

Bikram / Petty! What is car boot sale? Do they open up the car trunk and sell from there?!

@A! You sound like Israel :)

dr.antony said...

So,I have a companion. My friends used to make fun of me for going to the garage sales.Sometimes I find interesting items.

Last October,while I was at Germany,I found there was something they call 'flow marts' during weekends. They announce the location and time, and people bring in the items to sell.Hundreds of sellers. I bought some exquisite items.. ceramic dolls, music CDs for half and one euros!.Finally,I had too much to bring back home.That is the only problem.

raji said...

It was really good to read this.I appreciate your frankness and modesty.Even I am a big fan of dollar true.I buy books for my son,some toys ,can opener,hand towels ,dish washer liquid,bowls,kitchen bottles you said.why invest more outside when you get the same quality in all these items here too?I have done research over some specific items..And also shopping for some old toys at stores like good will /thrift is what i do sometimes ,and feel is worth it.Your idea of return gift was excellent.a picture frame was a very good idea.

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