Dec 28, 2010

Do you see what I see?

Do you see what I see
Trees made of only twigs
Leaves dancing on the streets
Swirling snow in the wind
Yet birds cheering on the poles?
If not, tell me what you see...
May be I see what you see too!

Do you hear what I hear
Aeroplanes flying overhead
Billowing winds with such a fright
Whistling cooker in the kitchen
Selling and buying in Monopoly?
If not, tell me what you hear...
May be I hear what you hear too!

Do you feel what I feel
Childhood doesn't last too long but
Memories forever will linger on
Loving the most and being our best
Are the only true treasures we can give away?
If not, tell me what you feel...
May be I feel what you feel too!


Anonymous said...

wish you a happy new year in advance

may god bless you with you lots of happiness

keep smiling

Bikramjit said...

Yes Memories of all good and bad linger on and on ... the thoughts what cud have been, what is , what wud be .. :)

YEs i hear and see what you saying :) loud and clear

Happy holidays and wishing you and family a very happy new year


Punam said...

Thats a lovely poem and I can see, hear and feel what you have tried to show, say and express. :) Memories will always linger on.. Happy New Year!

dr.antony said...

The fondest memories are the earliest ones !

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