Aug 24, 2012

Thumbelina and family

Had a rare sighting of Thumbelina and her adorable family this afternoon and couldn't resist sharing the pictures with you...

When was it?
Where was it?

Israel, Sharon, Rachel & Joshua!

Who was it?
Them all!

Now freeze that smile! It looks great on you!

Aug 23, 2012

What have you got?

Nine years ago on my birthday (August 10th) I'd spoken to my Papa last. Four days later Papa passed away.

Life has lost it's luster since then. The sky appears a shade greyer the grass a tint paler, my heart somewhat harder and my head a bit heavier (I guess it is a byproduct of the harder heart).

Overall life as I knew it is sadly changing.

Living, loving and laughing came natural to me then; now it takes effort. To draw comparison from Winnie-the-Pooh it's like going from a jumpy jolly care free Tigger to a grumpy, moody Eeyore is how it is trending.

Pause, clarify, repeat was how our conversations went then unlike the hurried to-the-point "conversations" of now...

I feel stranded at times with everyone rushing around me, in their own course of life, with less time to talk, lesser still to listen and none at all for the details.

Often times I find myself rushing too, rushing thru' the day's events, rushing thru' traffic, rushing thru' conversations...Why such a hurry? Where am I going? No clue.

Then I was a child, now I have grown; that's the only reasoning I could think of.

So today for a change I am going to kick back - all the way back - and relax. So, tell me what have you got? Whatever I missed please bring it on!

~ NRIGirl

Aug 16, 2012

Fit for a King!

Great morning everyone! This post is more for my Mom than others. Just to let her know I am on a good start... Returning home tonight!

~ NRIGirl

Breakfast in bed!

Greetings from Melrose of Dallas, Texas! Considered a luxury hotel but everything is to be paid for. No free WiFi or movies or any of those cool stuff. For a bottle of water they charge $7; for 24 hours Internet service it's about $12!

All my complaints vanished however, when I was woke up with the most delicious breakfast ever! Breakfast in bed! The highlight was the fresh flowers; how very thoughtful. It made my day!

Couldn't help but share the joy with you...

 Promise to write a nice long post when I am back. Till then, be good! :)

~ NRIGirl

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