Apr 12, 2013

A toast to Benin & Prayline

Dear friends, family members, guests, and the most revered members of the clergy, I greet you all in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ! All glory and honour be to God, our Father. It is my pleasant privilege to introduce to you the two families of the bridal couple.

The bridegroom’s parents are my friends and the bride’s parents are my family members. Both the families are very dear and near to me. It is written in the Holy Bible that a friend who lives nearby is better than a brother who lives far away. Also it is written that a brother is born to help us in our day of trouble. Thus both the families are equally important to me and I stand here belonging to both the bridal families.

The bride, Prayline, is the only child to her parents. Her father Mr. Mohandhas is retired defense personnel and now he is working as Assistant Manager in Tamil Nadu Ex Servicemen Corporation at Chennai. Her mother Mrs.Hepsiba Berla Rani is a retired teacher. They live in Ambathoor, Chennai. Prayline has completed her Bachelors in Dentistry, BDS, and has worked as a dental surgeon in a private clinic at Chennai. The parents have brought up their only child in Christian faith with strict discipline inculcating in her good moral and ethical principles.

The bridegroom Benin Azariah’s father Dr. Stephen Azariah is a PhD degree holder and he is working as a senior PG assistant in St. John’s Hr. secondary School, Palayamkottai. Benin’s mother Mrs. Hana Stphen is working as a professor and head of the department of Mathematics in Sarah Tucker College, Palayamkottai. She has almost completed her doctoral thesis in Mathematics and shall obtain her doctorate degree in the near future.

Benin has a younger brother Benon Azariah, who is completing his graduate studies in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from PSG college of Engineering, Coimbatore and is already having a job at hand through campus interview. He is very much interested in studies and he would rather go for higher studies than accepting a job. The parents have brought up their two sons with a strong faith in God.

They both are musically talented and they play keyboard and violin. They both are in the Church choir along with their father. They were made to memorize and recite the golden verses every Sunday even from their early childhood up to the time they left for their higher studies. Their mother is an ardent lover of the Bible and she lives by the Word of God.

Benin Azariah did his graduate studies in Information Technology at Panimalar college of Engineering, Chennai and has completed his post graduate studies in Australia where he wishes to continue his career as an engineer. His wife Prayline accompanies him to Australia and there she will continue her career as a dental surgeon.

Though I am very close to both the families, this marriage proposal did not come through me. I am very sure that God Himself has united Benin and Prayline and their two families. What God has united, He is sure to bless. I wish the new couple all the best in life.

Dear Benin and Prayline, as you enter into your wedded life, here is a word of advice from me. There is a verse from the Bible which goes like; much is expected from him to whom much is given. Both of you are given much love, much affection by your parents and a few other people in your family.

Much sacrifices are made, much money is being spent by each of your parents. Much of their time and energy and strength have been spent on their knees for your sake. Much of their tears were poured out in God’s feet beseeching Him to bless you and your family life. You have received much from them.

Also you have received much from your God. Your loving parents, your relatives, your well wishers, your friends, your health , wealth and happiness, your joy of salvation, your faith, your peace that passes all understanding, and all other good things you have are gifts from God. There are many more blessings you are going to receive from Him.

You have received much and so in return much is expected of you. It is not that they did all these things expecting something from you. But it is a rule set by God. When you have received much, you are expected to pay back much. It is not only paying back to them from whom you have received, it is passing on what you have received for the benefit of others who need them. Always remember this.

May God bless you much.

Thank you all, have a good time!

P.S: My Mom Mrs. Yohapushpam Livingston's toast in Benin & Prayline's wedding today. Posted mainly for friends and family who are far away from related celebrations.

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