Dec 17, 2009

You have just landed in America... Now what?!

Dear NRIGirl: Welcome to the United States of America. I am sure you are all excited to be landing in the land of opportunity. Doesn't it feel great?! For some of you it might be the first snowfall you are seeing, for some of you, it would be a day of immense joy as you might be reuniting with your long awaiting husband here... For others it might a day of dream come true... Welcome, welcome one and all...

I am sure you will find this country amazing in many ways. It is a beautiful beautiful place on earth I am sure. Doesn't it feel great to be living in a place where all are equal?! I have come to appreciate that a lot.

For the NRIGirls like me...

Dear NRIGirls: It's me - NRIGirl! Hope all is well and this finds you in the best of health and cheer as it leaves me here...

It has been my long time dream - passion - to put together a portal for useful information related to NRI's - all over the world. For Non NRI's who are wondering what 'NRI' means it is an abbreviation for Non-Resident Indian. Asian Indians who are settled outside India are called NRI's.

Since portal seems to be long coming, I decided to make use of this blog to post some helpful hints.

If you find it helpful, please feel free to suggest it to friends and families who might find it beneficial as well.

Before you move on, I want to encourage each and everyone of you out there to be happy wherever you are. It is hard of course - being miles away from our home country, loved ones, familiar faces, etc. but not-being happy will only make it harder...

So, take it easy... breath... Everything is going to be fine...

Until next time,
NRIGirl :)

Dec 3, 2009

My complete profile

Hephzibah Israel
• Gender: Female
• Astrological Sign: Leo
• Birthday: 10th August
• Industry: Technology
• Occupation: IT Consultant
• Location: United States

Dec 2, 2009

These are some of my favorite things...

These are some of my favorite things: (not in any particular order...)
* Christmas Lights
* Laughter
* Re-arranging a room for a fresh new look
* Amma's 'Kadal Konthalithu Ponga' song (When the sea is roaring...)
* Chithiema's 'Paruppu Kulambu' with 'Poricha meen' (Dal with fried sardines)
* Bird feeders
* Wind chimes
* White vinyl fence
* Victorian style homes
* Fish tanks
* Gazebo
* Reading nooks
* Money plants

Nov 30, 2009

Poem by Rachel Israel

Following poem by Rachel has been selected for the State level competition.

The Circus
by Rachel Israel

Tell me a story about the circus
before I go to bed
I want to listen to something more
before I rest my head.

When I go to the circus
I see a lot of clowns
They have colors on their faces
and I rarely see them frown.

What colors are on their faces,
what colors are there?
Red is on their noses,
do they have color on their hair?

When I go to the circus
I go on elephant rides.
Sometimes I wonder what would happen
if on the back of him were slides!

Tell me more about circuses
please tell me more!
I can find these in books and things
but those are in the store.

Well that's another adventure
I'll leave that for different times
You better go to bed now
I'm thinking of more rhymes

Nov 24, 2009

A Child's Perspective

I have recently lost my job; the last day of my work when I was feeling a little low, my ten year-old daughter encouraged me with the following words in her email:

It was surely an encouragement and enjoying each blessed day off work with my special family... I am sure God is in control and will provide something better.

Nov 20, 2009

The Me I see is the Me I will Be

Dear All: Thank you for stopping by! I am all excited as this has been my long time desire to be a blogger and now I am!!

Let me first introduce myself. I am Me and I love being Me. I especially love my name Hephzibah as it means "God's Delight" in Hebrew. I mostly feel that way. I recently came across a saying, "Jesus Loves You; But I am His Favorite". This fits my fancy perfectly...
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