Jul 25, 2012

Dear Sakha!

Dear Sakha! How are you? Fine and wish the same.

I am so sorry I missed your call the other day. Even more sorry for having not returned your call or at least write an email or as much as an FB message. Today I have kind of forced myself to respond to you and hence this mail - blog!

So, how are you? How is the family? Job? Abu Dhabi? Along those lines, let me answer too: Fine. Well. Busy. Humid and scorching!

Children are midway through their summer break, which explains why the house is upside down and downside up! This is one main reason why I can't function as "normal". Knowing me you would understand how very important it is for me to keep my surrounding in order. When it gets out of control I fail to function in my cheerful mode. (Sigh!)

Finding the time to bring it back under control seems to be ever evading, especially with my long hours away from home and the never ending shopping sessions in the evenings.

We are invited for a wedding (American) this Saturday. Picking the right dresses for girls proved to be more challenging than I had thought. I have scored the aisles of Macy's, JC Penney, J-Crew, New York and Company, Dress Barn, Forever21  and countless other boutique shops in the mall but haven't found the right ones yet. For now we have settled for a red wrap dress for Ray and a golden polka dot one for Sharon. One can't be too sure till the very last minute in our household. (more sigh!)

Okay dear, enough of grumbling I guess. Tell me about your girls? How do they like the new school year? How is the weather like in Abu Dhabi? How is Mom? Is P behaving? :) Israel is! :)) Regards to all.

With that I will wind up for now. Ping me your number; I'll call.

Take care.

P.S: Just for a perspecitive I googled us up, where you are (B) vs. where I am(A); picture enclosed.It seems almost virtual Sakha, don't you think? Yet, across the miles (6842 to be exact!) we will carry it on. Stay in touch!

Friend always,
~ Queen

Jul 20, 2012


It's hailing outside with peeling thunder and lightening. From my tenth story office it looks pretty amazing. The sky scrapers look so dim as if in a dream of sort. Yes, this time I tried my hand at the black berry camera so that I can share it with you.

I have been extremely busy at work and almost exhausted at home which explains why I haven't been writing as much as I would like to. To tell you the truth a lot of "writing" has been happening in my mind but then either the subjects are out of date (such as the Quebec trip) or I myself have lost interest and scrubbed it off. Is that someone's sigh of relief I hear? Oh well!

It is only 4:19 PM and I have few minutes left in the day that I decided to write to you folks... Sorry it took me a few days to post this though.
Hope all is well at your end. Take care!
~ NRIGirl

Jul 13, 2012

Pride came tumbling down

Remember my boastful posts on how I was the "only one" out there when it came to lending a hand to the less fortunate in NY trains and streets? Not any more! Let me explain.

Not too long ago something unique happened. In my morning rush I encountered this voice, "Can someone buy me breakfast?" No, I could not ignore that.

First someone was hungry. Next I was hungry myself, so I knew exactly what it felt like. (I was hungry because they had promised us breakfast at office that morning).

So, I stopped on my track and said, "Sure, what can I get for you?" He said, "Anything". We were right in front of a deli/donut shop. It was a breeze I thought. Give some money and move on. Unfortunately though when I fetched for cash didn't find anything! Just that morning I had switched bags and had only grabbed my cards and no cash. Alas!

What am I to do?! Can I possibly walk away? I looked at him again, he really truly seemed hungry and I couldn't excuse myself. The only way out was to go and buy the breakfast myself paying by credit card - which I did. Thankful him and relieved me went different ways.

The same evening on my return I saw a police man giving a ticket to a very pregnant beggar who was claiming she had lost her job. Since then I see her in different locations with the same hand written board.

These incidents caused a stir in me. First my pride came tumbling down! Second, I have learnt to walk past most of these pleas - just like most. When I did that I can see so many other hands reaching out; I was not the "only one" out there after all... 

Jul 5, 2012

All aboard the chu chu train!

Happy July 4th to all my fellow citizens.

Greetings from Adriondack, destination Montreal. It is said to be a scenic route and sure it lives up to the expectations running alongside the Hudson river with the Adriondack ranges to one side.

When we boarded we were little diappointed that we all couldn't sit together. But soon we found an alternate solution. We decided to occupy the cafe car where we are free to enjoy the wifi.

We are only about two hours into the journey and have finished most of our food! Why, were we starving? Hardly... we are traveling with the Edwards and the Mrs. is a great cook and we couldn't hold our temptation to share in her delicacies.

Children tried their hand at a card game and soon settled for their handhelds. In order to keep them involved in the journey we are coming up with a quiz for the kids. At the end of the journey we are to pick a winner for $20! But the first thing is to come up with the quiz. Not sure what will motivate us parents to work on that...

The journey continues; will share whenever possible...

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