Mar 3, 2011

Dream Coming True

End of the day as I reached home last night
Tired and weary after long hours

T'was the coldest of nights or it felt so that hour
As I rushed out of car to get back indoors

In a momentary instinct I glanced up the skies
There stood I still taken aback

In the darkest of night stars shining so bright
Not one of them missing from the wonderful sight

Once more I became my fresh cheery self
Amazed by the breathtaking night sky delight

Stood there me frozen as more time slipped by
Forgetting the chill of the night then & there

My hair dancing over my face with such joy
I happend to wonder if it was just a dream

Slowly I gazed down to look around me
Leaning against the car in full business attire

In front of my home and trees as backdrop
With dinner and children all taken care of

No it's not dream, it is dream coming true
Answered myself as I got lost again...


A said...

Very good

Sometimes dreams do come true when you see them with open eyes

Bikramjit Singh Mann said...

I always say that one shud DREAM cause thats how you make the dreams come true :)


Balachandran V said...

Yes, we all should once in a while look up at the sky and wonder at the marvel of the cosmos! Perhaps that would remind us of our insignificance and to humility that will lead us to a love all life!

sm said...

good poem

Anonymous said...

Nice one. "With dinner and children , all taken care of". I can totally relate to this. :D

toto333 said...

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Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys said...

I enjoyed this NRIGirl, and I have definitely felt this way (except for the children bit, obviously).

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