Mar 12, 2011

Interview with the Dream Girl - Punam JR

You know who the Dream Girl is! Of course it is Punam I am refering to. She never fails to read our blogs and when time is not a constraint she leaves a comment to let us know she was there. Punam paints Dreamz Forever with her words and Painting Dreamz Forever with her beautiful art work.

We all know her well or do we? Here's an attempt to get to know Punam a little bit more. I admit I enjoyed reading her answers so much. She is poetic, witty and a fun "to be with". She has a quote on her blog which is by the English poet Christopher Louge. I can see how she relates to that in her writing.

Here's Punam among us! Let's go dreaming with her...

"Come to the edge. We might fall. Come to the edge. It's too high! Come to the Edge! And they came, he pushed, and they flew."

? Can you tell us a little about yourself? Please include where you are from.
! I am a pretty simple girl, from a small town in South India. I have led a closed-up life for a long time, before getting out there and facing the world head on. I am learning how to be tough now.

A little about myself - I am my Dad’s princess. And when I am not that, I am a person who is fumbling her way in this big bad world. In the process, she meets many people, some good, some bad, some angels, some demons. And she courses through her life, recording important events and milestones in her book of memory.

As of now, I am embarked on an interesting career as a content writer, with my full time job taking up a good 12 hours of my day. Each day is a new day. I have met a lot of people, both online and offline, and have managed to make a few good friends. Life is good. Life is great. I am thankful to the ‘Guru’ for being there in my life, as a ray of guidance.

? How did you first get involved in blogging?
! I got into blogging because I happened to stumble upon a blog of an acquaintance. And I, being a writer since childhood, blogging was an obvious step for me. Suddenly, my diary got converted into a blog. My experiences started taking the shape of blog posts pasted on different backgrounds… pinks, blues, tulips, horses, unicorns, greys and silvers - A whole new world to explore upon.

? What do you do when you aren’t blogging?
! My life has got divided into two basic parts - office and phone. When I am not in the office, I am on my cell phone, ears plugged and songs blasting away to glory. If it’s not that, I am having lonnnnnnnnnnnng conversations with a whole lot of people, relatives n friends.. alike. That is my life as of now.

Before this, I was a mad mad artist - creative arts n craft - I used to crochet handbags, create landscapes in watercolour, embroider, cook and what not… !! I used to read books too. Now, everything has been left far behind. BUT… just for a short time. I intend to get back to all those wonderful hobbies, hopefully within a year.

? How did you come up with the name for your blog?
Hmm, Dreamzzz Forever…!! Isn’t that obvious? I am a silly girl.. always wrapped up in fantasy stories and Cinderella tales.. unicorns and destiny and Paulo Coelho… dreams and hopes.. so Dreamz Forever is the name that echoed inside the heart of this little dreamer inside me.. I never had second thoughts about it. This was the name that came in my mind.. and this was the one that remained.

? What is your favorite post that you have written? What makes it special?
! My favourite post is a very lovey-dovey poem called ‘A Walk into the Woods’. It is special because it is something very very close to my heart. I wrote it out of a great desire for a picture-perfect life that would have no strife and that would literally be like a perfect M&B story.

It expresses the desires of a very vulnerable girl, asking her man to take her for a walk into the woods… and pleading him to give her just that and nothing else. The intrinsic meaning is the desire for togetherness - a hand-in-hand walk that is enveloped in a silence echoing only heartbeats.

? Any regrets about any of your posts?
! Of course not! None.

? Tell us a joke please.
! Now that’s like dialing the wrong number. I am always at odds with jokes.. I can’t say one, and usually, I fail to understand most too.. so if anybody EVER risks telling me a joke, they better have a backup plan, for they may as well have to EXPLAIN the entire joke to me.

? What can readers expect in your blog? What is it about?
! My blog is about life, relationships, poetry and inspiration. You will find serious stuff here, but also some poetic renditions. Apart from my written work, Dreamz Forever is the place where I display my art work.I have written a lot of inspiring posts the past few months, because I believe if I am getting divine guidance through mortals, and if I have benefitted from good deeds, it’s only fair to pass on the good deeds in the circle of life. My blog is one way I pass across my lessons learnt to the world. And if my inspiration affects at least one reader in a positive way, my purpose is done.

? Is there anything else you want to share?
! Yes. Life tends to be unfair, but you need to hang on to the thought that there is a guardian angel in your life and ultimately, you will be smiling. And that the Cosmos will bring what you want into your arms, provided you are ready to welcome it with arms wide open. For that, you must have unwavering faith. In yourself. Be a survivor.

And I thank you, Hephzibah, for considering me worthy of an interview on your blog. I am glad to have known you through your blog.

? Now, if you have a question for me (NRIGirl) this is your chance to ask.
! I’d like to ask you how you deal with the ebbs in your life.


Always Happy said...

NRI girl, can you please check the question _ what do you do when you are not blogging? there seems to be repitition of the paragraphs by mistake.

Always Happy said...

Oh, I cant believe I did not see such a nice blog like that of Punam's before today. I am glad i know now through your blog. Hopping to Punam's blog straight away to read more posts. thank you


Hello Poonam,
I have been at ur Blog at couple of times and did find it a nice one...
nice to know you little more here.
Best wishes,

NRIGirl said...

Thank you for bringing this to my attention @Always Happy. I have now taken care of it.

By the way, I sent you an email. Awaiting your response.

NRIGirl said...

Punam! It feels wonderful going dreaming with you :) Thank you for taking us along.

I must go back to read your favorite poem. Will leave my comments there when I do.

How do I deal with the ebbs in my life? That is a good question.

I normally don't take much pressure about anything. When things press so hard I give up - I mean I give it up to God - to handle it for me. And I have complete trust that He is in control and will take care of it.

All things happen for good for those who love Him - is the scripture verse I repeat to myself when the ebbs seamingly get deeper and before I know it, the flow comes!

Anonymous said...

Hello Punam, nice to know more about you too! :) I am already following you. I need to read more of your old posts soon. :)

dr.antony said...

I had known her for sometime through her blogs. I thought she was from the North.She looks the dream girl.may all the dreams come true.

A said...

I know Punam already. I call her 'PPP' i.e. Perfect Poet Punam. She writes very good poems.

I have a question for Punam about explanation of many does one need to explain??? (HAHA)

Good luck.

Bikramjit said...

wowo you a celebrity here going by the last comment 8th wonder , Dream girl and all that .. I feel blessed i know you.

the first reply pretty simple girl... hmm are they three words , or one sentence i thought you mean
girl :) he he he

Ok on serious note .. oops not that i was joking about anythign earlier :)
I have been going and seeing your blog for a long time now and yeah you do write excellent and your poems are beautiful.

take care and all the best

Punam said...

@Always happy: Thank you, I am honored to be featured here. And it gives me great pleasure to read your words. :) Thanks. Glad to see u at my blog.

@Irfan: Thank you so much. Havn't seen u there for long. :) Do visit Dreamzz again.

@Jyoti: Same here. I will be glad to find you at my blog. :) I visited yours.. too. I shall definitely leave comments next time. :)

@NRIGirl: Hephzibah, you are a wonderful person, for you gave us the opportunity to know each other better. Thank you.

I know what you mean.. surrender, right?

@Dr. Antony: :) Glad to read your comment. :) Your guess is partly correct. :)

@Amrit ji, good one. :) Your compliments always encourage me. Thanks a lot. Mmm, as for explanation of jokes, you should ask the broekn hearts of all those who tried to tell me some.. I am like a kharab tubelight. he he.

Punam said...

@NRIGirl: You may delete the spam comments. :) I was literally rolling on the floor laughing at the way those two comments have been written. Someone is seriously jobless.

@Bikram: "Ghar mein ghus ke pitai"... yaad hai na apna promise? You should know spam from real comments baba. After all, you are a cop. :)

Annnd.. as for your comments, that was lovely. Pretty simple .. haan.. I am flattered.. thank u thank u (batting eyelids).. he he.

OK jokes apart, thank you Bikram, for you are among few of my most regular followers and always make it a point to read my rantings and leave your comments.

I appreciate your presence on my blog.

@everyone!!! It's you, the readers who make my blog special. Thanks and do keep visiting.

Priya said...

Hey Punam! Nice to read a little more about you :) ... I read your posts only on and off. Sharing your life lessons... admirable objective you have!!

Punam said...

@Priya: Thanks dear.. I do.. I have evolved gradually into the person that I am now; and it's been a positive change. :)

Olivia said...

wow Punam! Checked your art- work.. I am floored! lady, you are sooooo talented..

I wish to check your paintings at a leisure time!
I could read through every word you have said here.. wishing you the very best- always

Hugs xox

Punam said...

Hi Olivia, Good to see you on my interview blogpost. Thank u so much for those words. Yes, pls do come and visit my paintings blog.

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