Mar 17, 2011

From Always Happy

In response to Always Happy's question to NRIGirl...

Hey Dosts,

It has been a busy day. I was afraid I might not be able to catch up with you all today. Haven't completed half my work at home, but just thought 'let it be' and decided to sit down for a while. I had set myself one goal and one goal only as the day started - that was to be Always Happy!

Now that we are at the end of the day I can assure you I have been happy. Not that everything went smooth. In fact many things went wrong. To begin with I was running late. Didn't have a minute to wait for the toast to pop or the coffee to brew. Just had to run. To make matters worse gas was low in the car. And cell phone battery was beeping. No, I can't really afford to stop now for filling up the tank or looking for the charger; such precious minutes will be wasted, I can worry about it on my return. Clock was ticking and getting so close to the minute-mark by which we have to be at our desks. Unfortunately it is not flexi hours for me :(

Here's an itemized list of how time flew by:

8:00 AM- Children are off to school, let me quickly check comments on my blog
8:13 AM - Oh my! I forgot I have to print the peacock pictures and maple tree pictures for children's science fair which is due tomorrow.
8:23 AM - Pictures uploaded to website, I will have to order the prints during lunch break, no time now.
8:25 AM - "Can I call in sick? Are you really sick? No! At least a headache? No! How about a tummy ache? No! Remember you had sore throat yesterday? But that was yesterday! Anything else you feel? No! I am fine. Then what's the question? Just go, go, go!!"
8:36 AM - leaving home
8:45 AM - talking to Amma while driving
8:57 AM - looking at the clock driving
9:17 AM - looking at the clock again - still driving
9:21 AM - oh! no! only nine more minutes left but seven exits to pass.
9:28 AM - Pulling in to the garage
9:30 AM - At my desk! Finally!!

From there another roller coaster ride of a different kind.

6:00 PM - leaving work
6:03 PM - Gas indicator goes on! Didn't expect it so soon. Had hoped it would last for ten miles at the least.
6:07 PM - Skip this exit, seems scary
6:11 PM - Skip this exit also, no sign for gas
6:13 PM - No, not this exit, that will put me right on Garden State Parkway which is a nightmare in itself.
6:17 PM - EXIT!!! Frantically looking for a Gas Station.
6:18 PM - Thank God! There is one right there! Can't they put up a sign on the Interstate so that people will know?!
6:19 PM - Regular! Fill it up Please!
6:25 PM - Thank you! After swipping off $57.34!
6:27 PM - Back on Interstate
6:33 PM - Zoom
6:47 PM - Zoooooo  ....mmmmm
7:00 PM - Pulling in to the garage of Home sweet home!
8:27 PM - Here and now...

As you see it has been a busy day! However I can honestly say I have been Always Happy! Had a chance to take a brisk walk around the block during lunch. Ah! The feeling of Spring! Isn't that amazing?! The weather was picture perfect - probably in the mid sixties. Noticed plenty of sprouts from the garden bulbs. It won't be long before tulips are here! Or is it daffodils?! I should take some pictures to share.

Okay guys, let me get back to my chores. Take it easy and try to be Always Happy.

Yours Truly,
Always Happy

~ Gotcha! This is NRIGirl!!


A said...

I figured it out. People in the UK, do not use the term 'gas' for petrol and usually use public transport to go to work. Also they do not have $. They use Pound. Garden State parkway is in left too many hints..did not need the last sentence.


NRIGirl said...

Very smart!!

NRIGirl said...

@A! My family had a good laugh on your comments. SSSSHhhhh! Let's wait and see what others have to say.

Bikramjit said...

Well First i was surprised and was thinking where in uk is this Garden state parkway .. and I know AH or where she is from so that got more confusing .. and Again on the dollars and gas .. I was about to email her saying you sure you were not dreaming ..

and then the fist comment brought all in perspective ..
so no GOTCHA :)


NRIGirl said...

You too Bikramjit! Made me laugh out loud. Hard to believe I left so many traces behind. I guess it is never easy to be Always Happy :)

A said...


So the lesson learnt:- Do not try to fool cannot. Hahaha :))

Always Happy said...

hey NRI Girl,

I like it. yes Yes it answers my question. You are very sweet.

I wish you had not responded (promptly) to A's first comment. We could then jointly fool them saying AH has recently moved to NJ!!!

Oh, I like it very much NRIGIRL. Thank you.

Always Happy

A said...


Good luck next time. Jointly fooling would not work either. It is 7 hours flight from London to NJ...need to give more time to give the impression that you actually moved to NJ..

Also recent migrant from the UK/India do not start using the word 'gas' for sometime. The language/vocabulary is pretty American.


Always Happy said...

oh A, oh A you are so clever! Hand Shake? friends?

dr.antony said...

Busybody !!

Bawa said...

Wonderfool post!

You should have published this post on April 1st.

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