Mar 8, 2011

Interview with an NRI from California - Ms. Rajashree Prasad

Raji had drifted into my blogosphere on several occassions leaving me some very valuable & encouraging comments. Sorry to say it took me a while to get back to her posts. She has a dedicated picture blog called "Insight captured in a lense" of which I love the picture of a cat on a window sil and Raji's caption next to it reading: Living on the edge! I have a hearty laugh anytime I visit the picture and read her caption.

The other blog is WHY? Raji writes very detailed posts; which shows she does a lot of research on the topic she plans to write and it is not just random thoughts. I truly appreciate the efforts she puts into each post to bring out different aspects of the topic under discussion.

Let us cheer for her as she comes here to cheer us all today! I liked her response to one of the questions so much that I decided to use it for her quote...

"Let blogging be a platform for healthy discussions and not nasty arguments..."

? Can you tell us a little about yourself? Please include where you are from.
! Hello everyone .Excited for this interview first of all! To introduce myself in short,I am a enthusiastic , fun loving ,at times short tempered  gal with lots of energy .Just kidding.I hail form Mangalore ,the coastal city of Karnataka and have spent most of my childhood years there.Having graduated in Dentistry form Kvg Dental College Sullia in 2003,I have practiced Dentistry for a few years in some clinics .I was married to a software Engineer named Narayana working at Infosys and I have a 5 and half year old naughty boy named Pranav.I love music ,movies and writing and also travelling.

? How did you first get involved in blogging?
! We recently (10 months back )moved to USA and I was getting drastically bored being at home.I started writing a few articles and then suddenly a thought arose that I could as well create my own blog space .That's how the idea of Blogging started.

? What do you do when you aren’t blogging?
! When I am not Blogging, I write a few articles, listen to music, watch some movies, explore with some new dishes and Recipes.

? How did you come up with the name for your blog?
!The name for the Blog "Why?" was a result of my first article which had a "why" in it's title. I was just figuring out what should be the title of my Blog and then I decided to title it as "Why". Everything I write would explore something and have a reasoning :may it be some issues ,facts ,feelings. So it would be just "exploring the unexplored". Also ,I like to research on some traditions ;the reasons for following that ;some scientific facts.

? What is your favorite post that you have written? What makes it special?
! favorite post would be Can you name? - this particular one I had fun solving this. People had so many predictions. Actually it just came up when I was in a bad mood one particular day.

? Any regrets about any of your posts?
! I think No would be the answer.

? Tell us a joke please.
! Cannot remember as of now. definitely will tell next time:)

? What can readers expect in your blog? What is it about?
! As I explained earlier ,I like researching about some facts ,traditions ,scientific issues. So it would be a good scope for "exploring the unexplored".
? Is there anything else you want to share?
! Let blogging be a platform for healthy discussions and not nasty arguments. Respect the fellow bloggers and their opinions.

? Now, if you have a question for me (NRIGirl) this is your chance to ask.
! Hm..well, I always think: How do you mange work, home (a role of a busy mother with 3 kids) and blogging (with multiple blogs)? I always admire the fact. Thanks for giving me an opportunity to be featured here in the interview.


NRIGirl said...

Raji! I am so glad your interview too came out so good. I must thank you for your willingness to share.

Now, to answer your question: I normally sneak in every minute I could find here and there into my blogging.

Even while driving my mind is either praying or "blogging"... I love to gather with friends and loving it more in the blogosphere...

A said...

Good job once more NRI.

I already know Raji. She is very detailed oriented if she wants to be. She is a very good photographer too.


i too already following her Blog....
its nice to know more about her through this interaction.

Mangala said...

Hey, nice to read about Raji here. Good interview!

Anonymous said...

Hi Raji. Lovely pic. Lovely smile.You remind me of a friend from college. I was wonderstruk by your detailed post yesterday. I couldn't dream of doing research like that! It's so good to know more about you here.

@NRGirl - Three kids, job and blogs! (I can't say anything more, I fainted!)

Bikramjit said...

Hey.. I follow you tooo :) glad t oknow you more

Balachandran V said...

Raji, Welcome to NRI Girl's Club! Hey, I am on familiar ground here, Jyothi, you and hopefully,many others I know.

Hephizba, you are hep! :)

Punam said...

Glad to meet you here, Raji. Shall visit your blog soon to read the answers to your 'whys'. :)

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