Mar 13, 2011

Interview with the Doctor in the House!

It feels good to have a doctor in the house and here he is our fellow blogger Dr. Antony of Heart Beats! @Doc as we know him is set apart from the crowd on that he speaks from his heart. He shares his life's lessons in his blog posts which helps in our learning process too.

He appreciates the little things in everyday life that some doctors might over look - the smiles of the patients, the dedication of the nurses, the tears of the spouses and the like. My favorite of his posts is A Malice called Tongue in which he shares about the damaging effect of the gossipping tongue.

I am glad @Doc too decided to be part of our ongoing series getting to know one another. Let's give @Doc a hearty welcome as he comes here to share from his heart. The quote below is from his blogger profile and can not be denied.

"It is in pain that we find the meaning of life"

? Can you tell us a little about yourself? Please include where you are from.
! I am just a simple, ordinary man, from Changanacherry, a small town in Central Kerala. I did my schooling and college at the same place till I joined Trivandrum Medical College. There is nothing much to say about me.From the beginning my life seemed to have been on a straight course. I had always wanted to be a doctor and was lucky I could become one.With all your capabilities and effort, if you are not lucky,you don't reach where you wanted to.By the time I reached college I had made the decision to become a Physician. I met Celin while I was at college, and our friendship changed to romance and decided to continue the romance for life. I am a Physician and currently work for the Ministry of Health,UAE. I know there is a reason for every thing in life and nothing happens by chance.

? How did you first get involved in blogging?
! Blogging was accidental. I stumbled up on some blogs and liked the way some bloggers expressed their ideas. That was at a time when I was at the cross roads, in the middle of serious problems,not knowing whom to talk to. I had lost trust in friends. Whatever I had told them,had bounced back on me. I found it easier to talk to unseen friends. And so I started blogging. It was easy when I started,because no one would read my blogs.

? What do you do when you aren’t blogging?
! I read whenever I find time. I am fond of music. If I hadn't become a doctor, I would be a musician. Without music,life would be a journey through a desert.

? How did you come up with the name for your blog?
! What ever I had written,came from my heart. There was no better name than Heart Beat!

 ? What is your favorite post that you have written? What makes it special?
! I can't single out a post. But the one I had written about my daughter in law,who died at a young age, is special to me. It was posted in Jan 2010 and titled "An angel lost her way". I wrote that while I was on the flight,returning home after her funeral. I had difficulty to hide my tears, and wept all through the journey. I scribbled those lines on to a tissue paper wet with my tears.

? Any regrets about any of your posts?
! Definitely. I was new to blogging when I wrote about many personal problems.My grief and anger came out in my blogs. In doing so,I would have hurt the feelings of others. But I have learned from my mistakes. It is better if you can keep personal matters out of the blog.

? Tell us a joke please.
! Why do we need a special joke, when the whole life is a joke !

? What can readers expect in your blog? What is it about?
! Don't expect anything special. I write what comes to my mind.It could be about myself or events happening around me or about something which caught my attention. I also try to tell others what I have learned from life. Intelligent people learn from the mistakes made by others. I always try to tell everyone" There is no perfect situation in life" and also "'there is a price tag behind everything you get in life". Nothing comes free.

? Is there anything else you want to share?
! Whatever I want to share, is there in my blogs. I have made some good friends through blogging. It is as if I had known them for long time. Unseen friends are easier to talk to, they will never take advantage of you.

? Now, if you have a question for me (NRIGirl) this is your chance to ask.
! How do you keep your faith when you pass through adversities in life?


NRIGirl said...

Thank you @Doc! It was wonderful getting to know you more.

To answer your question takes a longer answer:

We did pass through some difficulties in our lives when we were both without job for 8 months when we first got married and came to the United States. Friends accommodated us for few weeks, and then Israel's former landlord had let us use his office for free as long as we wanted.

Those were tough times as we had a child on the way, no insurance, no income, no family nearby, no place to call a home, no mailing address, and Israel finally decided to go for an hourly job in a restaurant.

One week into that job we got a call from the new company that was processing our visas to come to NJ to get trained. A friend of mine accommodated us for a full 4 months there before Israel got a real job - as a computer professional. We just moved out of my friend's place into our own rental apartment. Within a month Rachel was born!

Inspite of everything that was going on, we were full of joy in our hearts most of the time. I can only think of two incidents where we both broke down - once because I didn't like Israel having to work in the restaurant and the other time because a friend whom we had trusted didn't come forward to help.

We do believe we were led in that path so that we will learn to fully trust in Him, rather than our merits. In those days, one of the promises we got from the scriptures was that we will not see the Egyptians of that day ever again - to this day this promise has held true.

To summarize it: Our joy came from within - not from the circumstances - which helped us survive through our adversities. We are forever grateful to our Lord who looked upon us in our lowly days.

A said...

I am a regular at Dr.Antony's blog. He writes really well. If he was not a physician, he probably would have been a writer - cannot comment on music part.

I read his favorite post about his Daughter in Law and that is my favorite post too.

As a reader, when I visit his blog, I expect to see some serious read written in an easy to understand and interesting language. On most of his posts, I could not blink my eye or take my mind away from his posts.

Always Happy said...

NRI Girl,

Well done, once again. I do not know how you choose whom to interview but certainly it has been a delight to read aboout everyone who you have interviewed so far.

I have just read your answer to Dr Antony. You certainly have faced a lot. I am glad you and your family stood the test of time and have done really well to get to where you are today. I can only wish you all the very best always.

To Dr Antony,

I thoroughly enjoyed reading your interview.I have been to your blog now and what can I say? Such a great blog it is!!

I am so sorry to hear the loss of your DIL and hope that she is Resting in Peace. Your poem in her memory is very touchy and it has left me speechless.

Wish you and your family strength and courage to move on and have the best always.

Always Happy

Balachandran V said...

Dr Antony is the first blogger friend I have met in person. One of the few blogs I follow religiously, his posts carry the conviction of a lifetime. He is a doctor of a singular kind, because his 'heart beats' for those whom he takes care of.

anilkurup said...

Doc is one of those very few Bloggers who I appreciate, even though he may think different from me on various matters.And I guess the title of his posts and the contents of his blogs do meet , though they say "the twain shall never meet".

baili said...

amazing interview and very interesting too.
yes doc i agree that life is a joke because how much we put to make it stable and luxurious but forget that it is just a moment to feel the beauty of existents,before we realize it ,we loose it.

nice knowing more about you.

and well done dear NRIGIRL .god bless

dr.antony said...

To all my friends,
Thanks for all the kind and encouraging words.

"Always Happy", I like the name.Nice to meet you here.
Hepzibah, Now I am getting to know you better.You havent forgotten the roads you have travelled.And it was so considerate of you to mention the difficult times,people often try to forget and avoid those times.I understand now how you had the courage to overcome the tests of time.

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