Mar 9, 2011

Interview with an NRI from North Carolina - Guess who?!

"A" Simple Blogger - that's who Amrit is to those who know him only in the blogosphere. I remember the first time I visited his blog, I was just a few days into blogging, I left a comment in his post and within minutes he arrived at mine. My joy knew no bounds then!

He calls himself a Simple blogger; but if you read his serious posts you will know better. He shares only  mature and well-thought-of ideas in his posts. Not only that, he has a knack for encouraging others with his comments and visits.

This quote is from his post What makes him a Mahatma? Now, here he is to share openly with us as part of the getting-to-know interview series. Let's give a hearty welcome to Simply Speaking Superb Blogger "A"!

"In my mind Gandhi’s constant effort to create a just and equal society makes him Mahatma. Gandhi made an unprecedented effort to integrate a highly fragmented, religion, caste and class based society of India..."

? Can you tell us a little about yourself? Please include where you are from.
! An average human being.  Born and brought up in New Delhi. Studied Engineering and worked in New Delhi for a few years before immigrating to Western world primarily for better opportunities and more money. Currently I live in Cary, North Carolina on the East Coast of the USA.

... Several times people ask me what is “A”. “A” stands for Amrit – my first name. Literal meaning of ‘Amrit’ is nectar but it implies holy water that purifies mind, body and soul. But as you all know, name does not always reflect the personality.

? How did you first get involved in blogging?
! A friend asked me to define first love. Not satisfied with my one line answer, he challenged me for a better and a complete answer. I ended up writing a story – My First Love. I delivered to his challenge but my new challenge was to convince him, other friends and my wife that the story was pure fiction. Their reaction encouraged me to write more and explore this skill.

? What do you do when you aren’t blogging?
! I guess you mean in my spare time. Spending time with family, gym, parties, movies, leisure travel, reading, music and believe it or not I run chores too.

? How did you come up with the name for your blog?
! An Engineer simplifies complex problems and in the spirit of engineering background, my goal was (is) to keep the writings simple, hence the title: Simply Speaking by "A" Simple Blogger.

? What is your favorite post that you have written? What makes it special?
! 'She..' and 'My First Love' are my favorite posts. Looking at wet eyes and happiness on my wife’s face makes 'She..' very special. I think 'My First Love' remains my best work though it is a relatively long story and does not follow all principles of storytelling.

? Any regrets about any of your posts?
! I could have done a better job bringing various aspects of Wiki Leaks. The post was biased.

? Tell us a joke please.
! Here is a joke that a friend sent me today and I added a line to it.
A little boy, after being shouted at by his mom and sitting sadly.
Dad : "What happened son?"
Son : "Dad, I can't handle your wife anymore! I want my own wife!"
Dad: “Are you sure son. Do you want to be shouted at every minute?”
? What can readers expect in your blog? What is it about?
! This is my question to readers. What do readers expect from my blog? Feedback can be helpful.
? Is there anything else you want to share?
! Bear with me. I am not always nice.

? Now, if you have a question for me (NRIGirl) this is your chance to ask.
! What is your first reaction when you see my new blog post in Blogger/Reader? What is the first thought that crosses your mind?



Hello Amrit ji...
Glad to know about you here.... though i am following you and like to read ur stuff but did not knew about you this much.

@NRI.. thank you for making me know about these people who are so well at their Blog space... knowing these ppl is really good for some one like me, who is new to BLOG world.... keep it up.

A said...


Thanks. No need to use 'ji'. You can continue to call "A" as a some other friends.::))

A said...

@NRI Girl,

Thanks for taking initiative for these wonderful interviews. As always I treasure your friendship and appreciate your efforts to bring bloggers together.

I am glad to be connected to.

BTW, you did not answer my question.....

NRIGirl said...

To answer your question:

"Wow! Finally a new post from @A! Let me check it out" would be my first reaction.

Anonymous said...

ha ha... I second NRI's answer. Thats my first reaction too. What makes "A" so different from other bloggers is the way he understands the post and makes sure he leaves only valuable comments. Thats really a talent in this blogosphere. I hadn't seen his pic till now. So, here is a Hi to the pic of Amrit. (The name suits you perfectly)

Yikes, that reminds, I too had written about "First Love". That was a literary disaster of the first order. :D

Mangala said...

@NRI, thanks for helping us know our fellow bloggers better. It brings us all a lot closer.

@A, good to read about u. I totally agree with NRI when she says that you have a knack of encouraging other with your comments. I look forward to reading ur comments on my posts. Wishing u many many more years of blogging, commenting, and encouraging.

rama said...

Hi Amrit, nice to see a picture of the person, whose blogs we visit. Tell me, why this hesitation among bloggers to put up their picture?
We are not looking for family pictures or any such things, but i feel, more comfortable when i can know how a person looks with whom I am interacting.
See now that i have seen your picture I am more comfortable, and I am sure others are too.
And also the name part, why the mystery regarding the name also I cannot understand. Any way, please don't take it the wrong way, I am just curious about these things in general that is all.(reference is not only to you).
Good to know a few things about you.

A said...

@Jyothi, @Mangla

Thanks for the compliment about encouragement. As a blogger I understand the value of honest comments and hence I do try to leave an honest feedback.

But I hope besides leaving comments, I am able to write some good posts :)))

A said...


Thanks. There is not really a mystery about picture or name. I did not post my picture for two reasons a) I did not think I need to b) I have only 4 pictures of mine. I am always behind the camera taking pictures. Recently my daughter took some pictures of me. On a lighter note, I thought I am 'ugly' and not worth wasting memory of Google Server.

About name, at one time people would refer to me 'A' as short form. So I just started using 'A'. But anytime if someone asked or in email, I always put my name.

Thanks for reading through it. :))

Tanvi said...

Good to finally 'see' you and know a little more about you! :) Great Interview. P.S. That joke was funny!

from ©

A said...


Thanks to NRI. She took time and trouble. Actually I got that joke in an email. I added the last line though..:))

rama said...

Ah! now somebody is fishing for compliments I am sure of that. "I am ugly and all" all bakwas.

Kiran Bajaj Sawhney said...

Finally I get to see a picture of Amrit. Great Interview. All thanks to NRI girl.
Amrit, as usual, has given very honest and intelligent answers. Good to know more about you Amrit.

raji said...

Hello A..sorry Amrit , that was a nice interview.I have read 'first love 'too even I had felt it not as a fiction ,but reality.It was well written.Good to see you .We should thank Hephzibah for introducing us to all bloggers.

Bikramjit said...



Bikramjit said...

Paaji Fatte chak interview :) .. Now i know who to look for when u land here.. and you also know me though my pics been there for long :)

Take care my friend and all the best always ...

A said...


You are right. I was just kidding.


Thanks. I spent a lot of time on that story in the plane and on airports. Pretty much I wrote everything in a trip while waiting at the airports.


Sre when and if I happen to come over there or you come there.


Thanks. Being honest on the blogging world would not hurt, so why not :))) Thanks for the compliments.

@Kiran, @Rama,

Picture was a last minute change in this post. I had converted picture to a sketch using Photoshop and sent. Initially the post was published with the sketch but sketch DID NOT look like me and did not seem right. That is when I changed to the picture. NRIGirl had to put extra effort. Sorry NRI.

baili said...

one another great interview,i am really impressed with the set of questions you have.i think this is the best we can ask some one in first meeting,keep amazing job up dear god bless you.

Anjuli said...

GREAT interview!!!! I love both your blogs- so it is great to see them 'united' in this interview. It was good to know a bit more background about Amrit.

Keep up the blogging BOTH of you- you are doing GREAT!

p.s. Amrit, I know the last answer/question was directed at NRIGirl- but if I were to answer it- what is my reaction when I see your updates appear on my blogger list...I immediately click and go and read them- excitedly and expectantly!

sm said...

like the pic
nice interview

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys said...

Great feature on A... one of my oldest blogging friends by now! It was nice to read all his answers and to see a picture! Even if he skips the pictures in my blog, I would like to see more of him on his!

Harman said...

..its nice to know abt you!
you seem to be humble person from your blogs!
but this was the nice way to know abt you!
tc..and keep smiling!

Black Walnut Pearl said...

Finally!!! your pic. is out:) Nice reading your answers, yes I enjoyed reading your "My first love"...a love thriller:)

A said...


Thanks. NRI Girl knows what to ask. I agree with you.


Thanks a lot. It is always nice to see you. Your compliments a lot. I specially liked your comment in PS part.




Thanks. I will post some more travel pictures. hahaha :))


With friends like you all, I will always keep smiling :))) Thanks.


Thanks. Thanks for being constant support. :)))

Punam said...

After so much of secrecy about the name and all,with so many readers mistaking him for a lady, finally A reveals himself!

Sanand said...

Nice interview and hey, thanks for the offer. I'd be glad to be part of this anytime you want. You can mail me questions too if that suits you. Tc!

Anonymous said...

Interesting post....

Okay... u seem like a person with layers. The answers are too simple so either you are too simple or too complex. ... You like to be your own boss. ... May be you were very good at studies too.

lol..I could be completely wrong okay... sometimes I go overboard... blame it on tension yaar...

A said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
A said...


Finally !! Say thanks to NRI.


I said I picked blog title as an Engineer I am supposed to simplify complex problems. The blog title reflects that. To simplify a complex problems you have to breakdown into layers.

About personality, don't you think all of us have layers and we know each other better when we scratch the top layer. As we dig deeper we find more about the person. As I write in 'About Me' section, I am trying to know me better ...I think up to certain extent all of us. We are all trying to unfold our layers...

Good at studies is a subjective....I did not top in Engineering school but good enough to be on rank 7th. I was NOT exceptional though. Average...

Anonymous said...

@ A,

You are absolutely right A.

In my case ...I am too deep and too reluctant to shed my layers that I cannot even take this interview despite my Good friend Queen's insistence.

Congrats...Dont kid me...ranked 7th and you call yourself average... !

Nisha said...

Awww, finally a face to you. Except for the face, I do not think there is something which I didn't know earlier (including your fav. posts :-)).

And my reaction is the same as NRI's to your posts "Wow! Finally a new post from @A! Let me check it out" would be my first reaction.".

Keep it up, Amrit. Let the good things happen. :-)

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