Feb 5, 2011

Investment Tips for Girls

Back in time I had written about Love Bank & Direct Deposit
Here are some sure-fire investment tips for girls:
  1. 1. Treat your husband as your King. Yes, you heard me right - as king! He should be your first and foremost priority. Just because you cooked doesn't mean he has to clean. This is to do with our attitude; equality of gender doesn't have to do anything with this.
  2. Arise and Shine. Wake up a little early to a good start. Do not fail to join him for breakfast if not make it for him. When he makes it, appreciate it.
  3. Enough with the blame game. Think about it, does it make anyone feel better? Then why play?
  4. Serve a Happy Meal. Find out one thing he likes to eat and make it cheerfully for him often.
  5. Give him room - To breath, to meet his friends, to enjoy his favorite TV shows, to take a weekend nap, you name it...
  6. Surprise him by doing one of his errands - be it putting out the trash or cleaning the fish tank or washing the toilet or why not even mowing the lawn. No work is strictly his; no harm in trying it out.
  7. Send love notes - Trust me, a simple 'I love you so much' in a sticky note in his lunch bag can make his day; he might not say it but it does.
  8. Do not compare - With any one including your father. He is the best.
  9. Never threaten to leave - Believe you are made for each other and no one is better than him. Always work towards mending the hearts rather than tearing it apart further. Even when it is not your fault be the first to make up.
  10. Appreciate - Everything he has done for you, doing for you and all his efforts to make you happy. Try a 'Thank you for marrying me' and see if it melts him or not.
Please feel free to add your tips to the list... Stay tuned for Investment Tips for Guys...


raji said...

wow !such beautiful ones ..I think point no 9 and 10 very difficult ones .:)Point no 5.I think somewhere unknowingly I try to not do ;because I do not get it either:)

NRIGirl said...

Many girls feel that way @Raji - what they forget is "Give and it shall be given"

Bikramjit said...

Let me take a print out of this :)

good points

I guess if two people treat each other as they would want to be treated themselves , there would be no problem...

A said...

This is better than your newer post...do not beleive any female follows or plans to follow these.

NRIGirl said...

I do!

Doesn't mean I have never done the DONT's (#'s 8 & 9)

dr.antony said...

Is it only meant for girls?

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