Feb 11, 2011

Valentines Coupons!

You know the little gift coupon books kids make from school? It is a little basket or envelope they make by hand, with some coupons in them which you can claim anytime from them. For example there would be coupons for chores like 'Empty dish washer', 'Walk the dog', 'Breakfast in bed' etc. So anytime you feel not up to do any of these chores you can produce a coupon and the child will gladly do it for you.

Well, Joshua my son brought home a hand made Valentines card for us (mommy & daddy). It is a nice heart shaped envelope with extra hearts appliques here and there and very nicely made. He brought it to me and said, "Mommy, pick a coupon from here...without looking..." I gladly picked one and it read "Free OOXX". Then he said, "Oh! That's free hugs and kisses" and gave me a nice hug and a few kisses and of course he got it in return.

Then he said, "Daddy has to give me $5 because he picked that..." I was a little puzzled to hear that as I was not sure why Daddy has to pay $5 and what kind of coupon was that. On further inquiry he decided to show all his other (coupons) options I could have picked from. I just couldn't help laughing when I saw that. Because it all had a $$ value to it or something substantial for him and not us! He had changed the idea of the whole thing completely for his gain.

The options were:
Game for the whole week
Get $5 for me
Whole car wash for $25
Clean the whole house for $15
Free OOXX (at least one thing he thought of giving at no cost :) )

I was very glad I got the best of all - which was FREEEEEEEE.... I wish you all the same! Happy Valentines day everyone!


A said...

Very very smart.

Y L said...

I love you my Joshua!

Thanks for the writing. I had a good laugh.

NRIGirl said...

Tanks @A, kids these days are many times smarter than us i am sure.

@Amma! I knew you would say that; mainly wrote it for you...

Sanand said...

Very nice, it is always a greater joy when our kids make something with so much love and hard work and then they gift it to us.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha...Smart indeed. I got a rose and a card from my kids yesterday. The best Valentine's gift ever. Kids make everything we go through in life, worth it! :)

Bikramjit said...

Excellent .. smart smart and clever :)

Happy valentines to you tooo hope you had a great day yesterday :)


kiran said...

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....Petty Witter said...

Joshua is obviously one smart cookie, I bet he has such a twinkle in his eye and is great fun - well, I had to laugh at this.

Hope you had a great day and got lots more free xxxxxxx's. It's good to be back visiting you, apologies for my absence.

A said...

NRI Girl.

How come you have slowed down? If you wish, I can give you some ideas...but you know my fee...50$ per idea...ready....do we have a deal

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