Feb 6, 2011

Investment Tips for Guys

Thought it is only fair to follow up my previous post on Investment tips for Girls with some tips for guys. Please feel free to add more.

  1. 1. Be a good friend - Does your wife consider you as her good friend? If not, you need to definitely work in this area. It is vital for her. Friendship takes time, efforts, involvement, affection
  2. 2. Do not demand - No, it is not your birth right to be served always.
  3. 3. Consider her input - I can't stress enough on the importance of respecting her opinion. You both have equal role to play in your marriage, in building your family, no one is superior than the other, so it is important to consider her likes and dislikes before deciding on a major financial commitment.
  4. Play - with the kids I mean. This conveys to her that you are committed to the children she so painstakingly bore for you.
  5. Let her sleep in late - At least once every week allow her to wake up on her own. She definitely needs the extra hour or so to fully charge herself for the week ahead.
  6. Domestic help - The slightest help you do such as picking up the dirty socks and tossing it in the laundry basket, makes a big difference in house keeping. Help her out as much as you can.
  7. Give her space - Let her gain access to her own table or a closet or something of her own - which she can set up according to her taste, where she can relax with a book or write her letters or even read her blogs.
  8. Never ignore her tears - No, she does not use it as a weapon to get her ways. She is a human being and her emotions are expressed differently than yours. Never ever make light of her tears, it makes permanent scars that can not be easily repaired.
  9. Allow her to pay back her parents - Think about it, she was raised pretty much the same way as you were, her parents toiled hard to give her the best education they could afford, she was raised on their sweat and blood. It gives her a huge satisfaction to gift them occasionally if not regularly. Do not force her to do otherwise. It is not fair.
  10. Be the best friend she could ever have. Remember best friend would never put one down - in front of others - be it your own family. You take the blame to save her face, not the other way. Believe you were made for each other and make it a happy home!


A said...

Excellent tips but not sure if I follow them but let us say I will try.

Bikramjit said...

OK points taken :) thank you WIll keep all of them in MIND

raji said...

wow ..loved this one!:)now all the guys are going to comment on this ..

raji said...

no 10 ..I keep telling my hubby..and he never seems to care :)Hurts my senti and ego/self respect a lot ..

....Petty Witter said...

Some great tips for both men and women.
For the men I'd like to add always put the toilet seat down, a small thing but it will be appreciated.

dr.antony said...

Now, that is fine. I thought you neglected we young boys,when you wrote the previous post!
But the truth is, I find it difficult to remember these lessons!

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