Feb 21, 2011

Daddy's little girls

As our little girls are becoming "live size" occasionally they borrow my skirts or shoes. As I secretly admire how beautiful it looks on them, Israel can't be very secretive about it.

He will go 'ooh' and 'aah' and make his admiration quite evident.  Children will gladly announce it is Mommy's to which Daddy answers, "Mommy's? no way... she doesn't wear pretty clothes like this. I have never seen her wear this beautiful skirt before".

Now I have to jump in and remind him when and where I wore it and how he never cares for what I wear etc. However hard I try he wouldn't seem to recollect it. He will add fuel to the fire by saying "May be you wore when I wasn't around".

That would be enough to provoke my self pity. I would go on to say how he loves "his girls" more and I am only some one else's (my Papa's) little girl, and how he always admires his girls but takes me for granted and how he never appreciates what I wear but admires anything his girls wear... etc etc. Interestingly a tear drop or two will mostly accompany this dialogue as if to "support" me. Israel will smartly say, "You are part of me Hephzibah; that's why I don't always say it". Somehow that makes sense to me.

Next time around I wear a nice long skirt, Israel's response would be, "Isn't Rachel looking beautiful in this dress?" or "Sharon has got some style; don't you think?" "Okay fine, but how about me???!!" - my self pity screams. His coolness answers: "You are beautiful Hephzibah; Remember you are part of me?!" But this time around the statement has lost its lusture and doesn't really make sense to me...


Bikramjit said...

:) he he he ehe awwww lovely family .. GOD BLESS the kids ..

beautiful ... :) they are gwroing up excellent


Hari K Gottipati said...

"You are part of me" - Israel is absolutely rght!

A said...

Hahah. In our house, my daughter is mom's girl and she keeps giving positive strokes to her mom...mom you are so pretty...My daughter never borrows anything from her mom either.

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