Nov 25, 2010

To Bikramjit


NRIGirl said...

Ah! For once I was able to actually fit in the letter on my page without shrinking the image! So now I know which writing pad to use... :)

I had to kind of abruptly end the letter though as the page was teeny bit short.

I'd wanted to thank you (@Bikramjit) for igniting the idea for Handwritten series... Thank you!

I am sure many are loving it as I noticed a slight increase in traffic since the start of the series.

Bikramjit said...

Thanks for the letter
sorry to hear about the news.

the sales here in uk will start after christmas on boxing day, I did it the first year woke at 4am in morning ot join the que.. never done it after that .. cant be bothered with the economy the way it is the whole year has been SALE time .. so now much of a difference now or later ..

Talk soon take care :)

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