Nov 14, 2010

From @Stranger to @YL

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Y L said...

Thank you Stranger for such a loving letter.
Our place Tirunelveli did not get much rain, may be a night or two, though Chennai and a lot of other places in Tamilnadu had much rain.
Now we are in Bangalore not much rain here too.
Enjoying my stay here with my grandson Joses who is one year old. I shall write to you in detail after a few weeks
Wish you all the best with your work.It is a blessing to have a work; in addition to the money, it refreshes our mind.

SG said...

Beautiful Letter.

A said...


Beautiful letter and lovely hand writing

Bikramjit Singh Mann said...

Nice letter and Now I know who stranger is too :) thanks NRIGIrl for getting us knowing each other ... :)


Anonymous said...

@YL... you are right, it is blessing to have a job and a job like mine. I really enjoy my job but the problem is once out of office I feel tired. when I am inside office, I dont even know how time flies... though I dont have to report to anyone I bring a lot of work to home too. May be I am a workaholic like my father and brother.

@SG..thank you but look at the lines...they are not straight.. going up and know me.. ? who am I? Tell me Bikram.. if you answer correctly we take you too for that boat trip... PROMISE!... but don't ask NRIGirl..that will be cheating... :)

Anonymous said...


Thank you. Though I know that I don't deserve it... :)

dr.antony said...

Honestly, does it really matter? Come on,it is just a letter written by 'someone' who doesnt even have a name, and why should others comment on it? Do we generally do that or is it a good practice? Letters are supposed to be personal.The purpose changes when you write open letters.May be,because this is a game from NRI girl,I can take it!

Punam said...

Stranger: That's beautiful writing.

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