Nov 6, 2010


Dear All: Hope all is well. It's like I have gone completely blank lately. I've been wanting to write something the last few days, anything - but nothing comes to my mind... Does it ever happen to you?

OK, now before I forget this, let's plan out how we want to do the "Handwritten" series. Please share any and all ideas you might have on this.

So far we have, 7 volunteers. @SG & @Doc are forced into it - which makes it 9 and including me we have 10! That's a good number - is it not?!

One idea (though very selfish) is me writing to all of you individually and posting it along with your response on my blog... This way everyone writes only one letter - to me.

Another idea is: Each of us will get an assigned # and then everyone picks one number out of ten and writes to that person in the list. The sender and receiver will both email me their scanned copies, which I can post in my blog; of course you can too. This way, you will end up writing two letters, one to your "pick" and the second as the response to the letter you receive from whoever "picks" you... (have I confused you enough?!)

I am trusting all of you smart people will come up with a fun and exciting way that can be easily implemented. Please share your thoughts... Looking forward to hear from all of you.

Yes, more volunteers are welcome. So jump on board if you have the slightest desire. It's going to be a fun ride...

The ten people are:
1. A
2. Bikramjit
3. Emily, Ruby Slipper Traveller
4. Mohan Jadhav
5. Petty Witter
6. Punam
7. Stanger
8. Doc
9. SG
10. NRIGirl

~ NRIGirl
(nrigirl at hotmail dot com)


A said...

List of 10 people please.

NRIGirl said...

I have appended it to the post @A!

Punam said...

NRIGirl, The first idea looks better.. we all write to you. :)

raji said...

I donot have a scanner here at home ,and i cannot rely on my husband for that,but well i think i can try the other option if possible

Mohan Jadhav said...

I liked the first idea to start with! :)

Anonymous said...

Good idea. I hope to give you my letter today. who is the other person I have to write. I am diplomatic, so let anyone else choose me and I write to them...

Anonymous said...

what if i want to play???i was on holidays so missed your post...

Y L said...

I think I would like to write to the stranger since I have figured out who is she.
my letter may include some personal references
will it be ok?
the stranger has to say yes

NRIGirl said...

Sure @Bhawna! Welcome aboard! You are in!!

It's going to be FUN!!

NRIGirl said...

@YL (Mom) wishes to write to @Stranger and claims she has figured him/her out... That can't be!! Let's see...

What say @Stranger?!

It is getting FUN already... Can't wait to see how it rolls!

Anonymous said...


Amma, I am honored to be chosen by you. Thank you so much.

lol...Anything for Amma. How could I say no to you? You are just like my mother.

But Amma I will be grateful, if you please don't blow out my cover.

I cannot come again to blogging world if you reveal who I am. I love being here, so can we please make it impersonal...

Write to my personal email, any thing you would like to advice me. Any way the decision is yours. A Big hug from me to you..

Forever your loving


YL said...

dear stranger
i shall be diplomatic and shall not reveal your id
you shall receive the scanned copy of my letter to you in one or two days. wish you all the best.

Anonymous said...


Wow..Thank you Amma. I am still behind my plan to write NRIGirl. Hopefully tomorrow I will send her letter.

I will wait for your letter. Wish I could meet you next time we visit India.

Kisses on your both cheeks. Now don't tell me I am embarrassing you... I just love u so much.

NRIGirl said...

Now we have 13 participants so far! Awesome!

We have a overwhelming majority for the first option, so we will go with that!

Please email me your mailing address at:

If you want to go first, here's my mailing address:

Hephzibah Israel
463 Mountaintop CT
Lake Hopatcong
NJ 07849

Looking forward to our brand new Handwritten series...

~ NRIGirl

Bikramjit said...

I missed this, Well you already got my address :)

the idea is good ... why dont we write to each other rather then just to one and then you write back.. Each one of us writes to EAch person on list.. and then get replies and then we can accumulate all of them and put them on our blogs ..

that way all know each other tooo... jsut an idea, otherwise well know you but dont know each other .. just a thought.. the whole idea os writing was to get to knwo each other and be friends more like :)

NRIGirl said...

Good idea Bikramjit! Let's do that as well among who ever is willing.

Anonymous said...

I am waiting for YL's letter. I too like Bikramjit idea. That way we get to know each other too...

Bikramjit said...

so what you waing for let get writing :)
so which one of you is writing to me he hehehe waiting ....

NRIGirl said...

Bikramjit! Please post your address in the comments section below or atleast share your email address here so that people can reach you.

Definitely I am writing to you - soon!

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