Sep 17, 2010

Mmm mmm good!

For the folks who know me it is no secret that I have been trying to lose some weight. Not much - just 20 lbs! I know it seems very reasonable and so reachable but it is ever elusive. Just figured out the reason! It's ME!!

I love food. Not much the rice and roti kind but fruits - lots and lots of fruits. Agreed fruits are good; but above a limit not so I guess. If I like grapes for a time being I'll keep eating grapes, grapes, grapes and loads of grapes. If it is dates season, dates, dates, dates and more of dates. Mango season is ditto! But at least that is acceptable.

Lately what has happened is I keep my office filled with snacks - murukku, mixture, biscuits, chocolates and the list goes on. It's like I have to have something with tea and I have tea at least 5 times during the day and mostly it is only an excuse to have some snacks. It is black tea with no sugar added so should be okay but then the oil and sugar in these snacks sure add up.

Then end of the week I stand on the scale hoping to see the pointer go to my left whereas it shoots up to the right! :( I jump off the scale so swiftly and tell myself, "Don't you worry, that is just the water weight!" (as if I got soaked in water like a sponge!) Or "It is the garments" and reduce 2-3 lbs of what is being shown and give a mental pat on my back with a, "Cool, you haven't gained an ounce!!"

It is funny how at times when I come across some sweet delicacy I will tell myself "Only one!" and just hurriedly add on few more as if I completely forgot my command to myself! All along I'll be well aware of my resolve to have just one, but will totally ignore it saying, "Don't fret, it's not every day you eat such things..."

Sometimes – especially in pot lucks and buffets, I will be praying earnestly: "Please God, don't let these calories count" (as if it can just evaporate) When the image on the mirror appears slightly bulgy, I will assure myself, "Nay, it is the angle from which you are looking" or something like: "It is the horizontal stripes that appears to make you look bigger"

Now I realize all these "tricks" need to STOP! Right now! Right away! The last time I checked the scales instead of being 2-3 points to the right, it was a whopping 5-7 points to the right :( It got my attention - finally!

Today being Friday, I have made up my mind to clear out my office and take home all the snacks - with a promise to NEVER bring it back.

Yeah, yeah I have done it in the past only to find by Wednesday they are all back in the office, one by one, in bags and boxes!! And I will be like "Mmm mmm good!" enjoying my “tea”

But this time I am serious however, check with me by Wednesday on how I am faring... If I say, "Mmm mmm good!" you'll know what could have gone wrong...


A said...

It is very hard to lose weight. Gaining is easy. Determination and will power are the key factor. Really cannot tell you any technique. I am exactly normal BMI but I know it is very hard to lose weight.

SG said...

ரொம்ப நல்லா இருக்கு. தமிழ் பொண்ணு 5 வேளை டீ யா? காபி எஙக போச்சு? இல்லயா?
Only that much I can write in Tamil. I will write an email to you about losing weight.

NRIGirl said...

Bring it on A & SG! I really need some tips!

A said...


Here are few techniques. These may sound stupid but try it.

1. Don't stop eating what you like.
2. Never think or deprive yourself of what you like to eat.
3. Take your snacks back if you like those.
4. Go onto machine and do cardiovascular exercise at heartbeat of 160 or depending on your age.
5. Do it for 15 min day 1, 20 min day second day,....gradually 1 hour
6. If you have never done it, start alternate day.
7. Eat a lot of water while exercise and after that.
8. Eat just salad after will probably not feel hungry anyway.

Report back after one week and then I will tell you next step.

NRIGirl said...

Wow! Thank you A!

Let me give it a try. Will keep you posted on the progress.


A said...

Read my words carefully..I said 'eat' a lot of water...

NRIGirl said...

"Eat" water? You mean to say water entriched food like melons,cucumber etc? Please explain.

A said...


sm said...

difficult to lose weight
good luck

Dr.Antony said...

Be realistic. As a doctor I can tell you some thing.Never go for impractical diets.You might lose some weight to start with,but because you cannot hold on to that diet,you will regain in no time.Follow a diet which is possible.
Never skip meals.Take a good breakfast,a light lunch and dinner.
Do not eat if you are not hungry.
Empty your shelves of the snacks of any kinds.
Take more of salads,fruits and plenty of water.
Take the food you plan to eat in a dish.Don't take servings from the table.
Avoid sugar,sweets,and soft drinks.
Combine this with a regular exercise.
Good luck

NRIGirl said...

Thank you, will sure try Doc! And will keep you all posted on the progress of my fitness journey!

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