Sep 3, 2010

"'Date"-ing Season

Green Dates or Fresh Dates are the date fruit before it gets processed into the brown sticky kind we are familiar with.

Green Dates look like hard grapes bunches - each fruit bigger than the red globe grapes. They are yellow in color, crunchy like apples, juicy and very sweet. To me the flavors remind me of lot of my childhood delicacies (sugar cane, palm root, palm juice, palm fruit etc)

They are ripe fruit & best eaten before it gets too soft. If you leave it out it would get soggy in a few days. Keeping it in the refrigerator will help hold them fresh a while longer.

These fruits are available only for a short time every year. From September 1st week thru' middle of October is the season for it.

Fresh dates are much lower in calories than dried dates. For example, 4 oz fresh dates contain 100 calories while 4 oz dried dates contain 250 calories. All dates are high in iron and potassium and contain modest amounts of folate and a small amount of vitamin A, and the B vitamins. Dates are beneficial for anemia, constipation and fatigue.

In the United States they are available in Middle-Eastern Stores or in Farmers Markets and Indian Stores as well. If you are from outside of the States and know where to get it in your residing country, please leave a comment so that fellow readers can benefit from it.

If you haven't tried them already, take my word for it and give it a try. You will be pleasantly surprised at the rich flavors it brings.



SG said...

Thanks for the nice information on green dates.

You wrote in my post "Don't judge a book by its cover". Now I have to add "Don't judge a post by its title". I was expecting a different subject content.

NRIGirl said...

Ha ha ha! SG, Your comments are very similar to
@A's email on my earlier poem about home.

I had originally named it as "Same Old, Same Old..." @A made me see the other side of how it may sound to others. So I changed the title to "Welcome Home" to correctly convey what the Poem is about, rather than suggesting it as "It's boring being home" or something like that...

For this post I just thought of adding an extra punch as otherwise the post would be quiet plain to read...

Anonymous said...

Umm... you can make excellent pickles with green dates. I mean the unripe ones.

It will taste like mango pickle.

you just have to leave the fresh ripe grapes under sun for couple of days to turn them to brown one. Even the soggy ones ( before it gets really fermented) if u leave under sun will turn to be hard and edible.

Some fresh ones are red in color too. They are a different variety.

M.E is rich with date palms and it is really beautiful to see the trees during harvesting time... covered with yellow or red fruits...

NRIGirl said...

Wow Stranger! You make my day. Just yesterday I was visiting your blog and wondering how you have been.

We are all awaiting your return to the blogging world. Please do...

Thank you for the useful info on handling Dates... We don't get the unripe kind here in US - or I haven't seen it. Would love to try some Dates pickle. Will check in stores here...

~ NRIGirl

Bikramjit said...

Thanks for the info I will surly try it .. problem is where do i find it here in UK :)

Ps;- u been awarded :)

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