Sep 24, 2010

Mirror Mirror On the Wall

There is this girl I run into on a daily basis. We have only exchanged glances though I remember playful moments with her growing up.

I had invited her for a one-on-one with us here at the NRIGirl blog. We will have a little Q & A session after the interview where you can ask more questions to her. Let's begin.

Me:Hello! Welcome to our blog! I guess this is your first time here.
Her: Hi. Thanks for having me. It's my pleasure being here. Actually I am a regular reader of your blog and also a subscriber. I've got to tell you I truly like it here hanging out with the rest of the readers and bloggers.
Me: Cool! Glad to know that. For the benefit of the readers can you please tell us about yourself and give us a little introduction of how we met?
Her: Sure, As you know my name is 'Girl in the Mirror' and I am from 'Mirror Mirror on the Wall'. We have known each other for a very long time and in fact we have had wonderful moments growing up.
Me: I do vaguely recall some of the moments. Especially the animated dialogues and my search for you behind the scenes. Do you still remember those days?
Her: (laughing) Of course I do. It was fun growing up with you.
Me: It has been a long time since we have spoken to each other. Was it me or you or something else?
Her: I believe we had other priorities come up in life and started to grow apart. Even when we glanced at each other we had other things in the back of our minds that we just slipped by... So to answer your question it is neither me nor you it is life as it unfolds...
Me: You are right about that. So now that we have found time to sit and chat I would love to catch up with you on things at your end. Tell me, are you married? kids?
Her: I am married for nearly 12 years now and we have three wonderful kids.
Me: Tweleve years! That's amazing. Are you still in love like when you guys first met?
Her: Very much so, in fact we grow in love each year
Me: I am so happy for you. what do you say is the secret of your happy married life?
Her: We both agree on the fact that God is the Head of our family. Differences aside we primarily love God and next each other. This third bond surely keeps us strong.
Me: What would you like to share with readers on marriage?
Her: Accept the differences and learn to love unconditionally. Love is not an emotion. It is an action. A conscious effort. Even in the Bible it says, "If you love me keep my commandments" So love is not just words it has to be revealed through action.
Me: Those are great words. I will be putting it in use in my life as well. Now, I have heard people comment that you are very good in handling work and home efficiently. How do you do that?
Her: People who say that mostly assume it based on their rare weekend visits, they should have seen my kitchen this morning. (laughs)
Me: But I have visited you quiet often, things seem to be in order. Towels are rolled up, clothes are folded, and you are working fulltime, still find time to blog... How do you manage it all?
Her: I make an effort to put things in order. Having a clean house is a basic necessity for me. So I try my best to keep it clean. It is cheerful to see a clean space where you feel more relaxed and can truly enjoy the blessing of having a home. When I can't absolutely handle it myself I hire some help though it is very rare like couple of times a year.

Rolling up the towels is not a big deal, instead of folding I quickly roll it up which I feel makes the towel closet more interesting. Let's not even bring up the folding of clothes. That's one thing I do only because I have to. If only there were a clothes folding machine... (laughs) Working is my passion; I love to get out, meet people, breath some fresh air and of course earn some and be a blessing to others.
Me: Please tell us about your kids
Her: I am so grateful for the blessings of Rachel, Sharon & Joshua in my life. They are the most wonderful kids. They love the Lord & love the family.
Me: Wow! You are truly blessed. How about blogging? Where do you get your inspirations from? Most importantly how do you find time for blogging?
Her: It's just that I consider my blog as my winding down place after the heavy dose of a day's errands. If you can imagine it, it's where I can remove my shoes, sit back and relax and be excited about meeting my whole new world of friends. I love them much as they are with me thru' everything. I believe my regular friends may not know me as much as my blog friends do as most of them don't care much for my blog. So honestly they don't know what I am going through on a regular basis; how I feel about my Papa, did I talk with the stars and wonder at the rain drops or any of that.
Me: You are right on track. Tell us about your Papa. I have read your poems and can see the pain you still feel. How do you pick the subject for your poem like stars or rain
Her: We love(d) our Papa so much. Not just me - all of us. He was so special to us and it is such a tragedy that we lost him so suddently. Though there are many happy memories about him the same memories sometime brings much pain and it shows through my writing from time to time, I can't help it. But you know what, we have an assurance that we will meet him again in eternity. I hold on to that blessed hope and move on with life.

About poems, it comes as a surprise to me that I can write some. Mostly it is all from momentary flow of thoughts based on happenings, emotions & imagination.

Me: Which one is your favorite poem that you wrote?
Her: Mhm... It is a difficult question as I like them all... (thinks hard) if I am allowed to pick two I will say "Conversation with the stars" and "Honey where is the moon?"If I must pick only one, I will go with "Honey where is the moon?"
Me: To cheer you up again and to end in a positive note, tell us a joke
Her: (Laughing out loud) You caught me on that one! Most of my jokes need my hands for actions. Hiccupping butterfly, scrambled eggs, a man in dhoti- these are my kid's favorites. Though I can do it for you now the readers can't really see it. So I will have to skip this question
Me: You got it. It was wonderful speaking with you; Now I feel more closer to you than ever before. I truly appreciate the time you have taken to hang out with us. Before we wind up the session is there anything you want to share with our readers?
Her: Thank you! I sincerely appreciate this wonderful opportunity to wind down here a bit. And to the readers, thank you for stopping by and "listening" thru' this interview. I hope the next time we run into each other we will pause a little and share a smile...
Me: Sure we will. I must add I've truly enjoyed my conversation with you today and thank you for sharing. After a short break we will return for more questions from the readers. If you have specific questions for 'Girl in my mirror' visiting us from 'Mirror Mirror on the wall', please post it in the comments section below. Thank you!


SG said...

Very interesting conversation. Good read.

NRIGirl said...

Thanks SG! So, no questions for the "Girl in my mirror"? It's not everyday she is visiting. So, don't miss out the chance...

A said...

Very creative....Good job :)

The Girl in her Mirror said...

In fact I was a little afraid bravely asking for questions from the readers. Now that @SG & @A don't have any NRIGirl says I can relax...

~ The Girl in her Mirror

dr.antony said...

Imaginative.Talks like this can open up your minds.Can bring up long forgotten stories.Does your job include interviews? You seem to be good at it.Your friends may not even come to your blog.That is typical of our clan.Because most will think they are better than yourself.
You can only love God truly. The other is a set of lies.

NRIGirl said...

Thank you Doc! No, my job does not include interviews. This is only my second time interviewing "someone".

Here's the reference to the first one. Interview with an NRI

I have come to appreciate the few friends who stop by and the new friends I have met online who encourage me with their visits & words.

Regarding your statement on love, I guess it comes from what you have seen around you. Let us trust that the love of God is sufficient for us which alone is constant.

sm said...

interesting write up

Bikramjit Singh Mann said...

beautiful and veru good imagination.. and the conversation great..

how do u manage to be so creative wish i was tooo :)

Bikram's blog

....Petty Witter said...

Very creative and inventive.

NRIGirl said...

Thank you for stopping by @sm; much appreciated.

~ NRIGirl

NRIGirl said...

Thank you @Bikramjit: Next to @A & @SG I had warned 'The girl in my mirror' of you.

You are very kind.

~ NRIGirl

NRIGirl said...

Thank you Petty! Haven't had time to visit you in the last few days. Plan to do so today.

Hope all is well.

~ NRIGirl

....Petty Witter said...

A bit off topic I know but I just wanted to let you know an e-mail is on it's way.

Emily, Ruby Slipper Traveller said...

This is a cute and creative way to introduce yourself... nicely done!

Anonymous said...

Hats off to your creative mind...

The girl I knew was so practical. Where were this Girl in the mirror hidden then?

I think the fault is mine. Studies and competitions took most of my time then. I wish I had tried to know more about you those days.

Love u lots Sweety and sorry for the last month. I just couldn't bring my mind to do anything or call. I was feeling guilty for being not there when my FIL wanted me. Forgive me okay.

NRIGirl said...

Hi "Stranger"! You are giving it away that I know you... Don't blame me later if people find out who you are...

Thank you for your comment. Appreciate it much. Sure we had our fun times too - but then you were the dreamer - the poet - now that is hidden - we have to find her back...

I am so glad you have started to blog... Just read the story about Alpha and can't wait for the continuing part...

Hope all is well at your end. Will call sometime soon

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