Sep 16, 2010

If only I had...

If I'd had one more Year
I would have stayed with Papa one more year

If I'd had one more Month
I would have visited Papa with my kids

If I'd had one more Day
I would have begged for Papa's longer life

If I'd had one more Hour
I would have talked to Papa little more

If I'd had one more Minute
I would have hugged my Papa really hard

If I'd had one more Second
I would have quickly kissed his fingers once

If only I had...


A said...

Very sad...any thing specific to this date

NRIGirl said...

Nothing specific A! It's just that some days I get very sad thinking about Papa and some days I am very happy thinking about Papa.

First I posted it and then deleted it; now posted it again since you and SG commented about the broken link.

Hope I am not spoiling the fun for the readers.


SG said...

Nice one. I am reminded of a music by T.J. Loughran.

My Dad is like no one else I have ever known
My Dad, I remember each evening when he'd come home
to see how he'd smile, and have all the while
the love that he always would show

Bikramjit said...

Hi.. I can understand what you are going and wanting Exactly and NO as you wrote in ur reply YOU ARE NOT spoiling the fun of anyone at least not mine..

If I had known, If I had known that fateful call early morning was going to bring me that news, I would have made sure it never happened...

If I had known I would have presented Papa with things that made him happy, shown him the places I have been, Sat down and talked with him, Told him stories , shown him the medals I won


There are some unfinished dreams and promises that are yet to be completed and god willing And with the prayers of friends One day they will be completed and I can go and Meet Papa where I am sure he awaits me along with other loved ones ...

THank you so much

NRIGirl said...

Very true words SG! My Dad is like no one else I have ever known...

Thank you,
~ NRIGirl

NRIGirl said...

@Bikramjit! So touching to read your comment. Sorry to hear about your Papa too. As you say the hope that we will meet him again will keep us going rest of the way.

Stay strong! Be proud of what your Papa made out of you!

My sincere prayers and wishes for your dreams to come true!

~ NRIGirl

Hari K Gottipati said...

Very sad! I am sure your Papa is always with you in your thoughts!

rama said...

I feel the same way about my mother, I miss her very much, and feel bad that I did not do many tings I could have done.
How we take people and our lives with them for granted.

Haddock said...

Yes sometimes we regret not having spent time with the parents, and the same goes with the kids too.
We are so busy with the daily grind that we forget the time that we COULD HAVE spend with the kids.
By the time you realise it, its too late and that tender age is gone.

NRIGirl said...

True Hari! Thanks for the reminder!

NRIGirl said...

Sorry to hear about your Mom Rama. As you would agree regrets are not going to help with the past.

Let's make the best use of NOW and love our loved ones to the core!!

~ NRIGirl

NRIGirl said...

True Haddock! Let us work on it harder to hold on to them a little bit longer.


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