Oct 18, 2010

My Middle Child

I must tell you all about my middle child. Sharon is nine years old and doesn't fully fit in Rachel's circle nor Joshua's circle. However, if Rachel gets something she has to get it and if Joshua gets something then too she fights to get it. She makes my role as a Mom lot more fun.

Occasionally I go to pick them up from school and her whereabouts are unpredictable. She will be hanging upside down in the monkey bars, or running so fast from their vending machine to play ground or digging the earth with a stick to get some live earth worm to play with. She will sometimes see me pulling into the parking lot but will ignore it to continue with her digging or hanging or climbing. It is mostly interesting, only when we are running late for something, it won't be.

She is the one to run out to receive the guests, entertain their kids, attend phone calls, help me around in the kitchen or fold the mountains of clothes for a dollar! Also, she is a mediator. She is bold and works out a deal with us on many occasions. She talks to us to let go of Rachel from her piano practice or to let Joshua play in his Nintendo a little while longer.

She plays drums and gives such a hard time to practice. She will call third always, meaning only after Rachel and Joshua are done with their piano practice she will go. By then we will forget about her practice. When we remember she will make a scene saying there is no one downstairs. When you go with her, she will show you everything about drums she knows like, "Mommy you know this is the snare drum, and do you know this is the thrown", or quickly she will turn some pages and talk about some random notes showing you some skills and then before you know it she will call it quits - saying that's all for the day. You will be too tiered to argue with her by then.

She is very good in her studies, and a born leader, has good teaching skills too. Loves checking out my closet going through my collections, claiming it as hers and moving it to her room - unannounced! She collects rocks, makes book marks, and anything else Rachel starts. She'll ask, "When this saree becomes small can I keep it?" If I get a journal she will beg and plead and take it for her, it is quite interesting.

No, she doesn't annoy me, only when she doesn't do any of this I will start to worry.

P.S: Posted with her permission. She was quite happy reading about herself.


Y L said...

Our beloved Sharon,

we all love you!

you are a treasure to us.

may our Lord God bless you abundantly


dr.antony said...

Lucky you,and lucky daughter to have a mother like you.Every child is a gift of God.And He will guard her along her long paths.

A said...

Sounds like a very good girl to me :) She cares for others and herself. :)

....Petty Witter said...

Sharon sounds like a wonderful little girl and you sound like such a proud mother.

Black Walnut Pearl said...

Here are my 2 cents. Sharon is a joy, she is a good cook, a very good helper, she binds to me whenever I go to their house and I love her.

SG said...

Sharon is a caring and intellegent person. You are lucky to have 3 nice kids.

Hari K Gottipati said...

Kids are wonderful always, but Sharon seems to be more special!!!

kavita said...

I love this-"When this saree becomes small can I keep it?" So sweet !Sharon is smart ,active ,confident and is Mom's darling ! God bless !

Bikramjit Singh Mann said...

God bless her .. and i hope you get her a saree now :) a small one :)

Kids are great

Bikram's blog

NRIGirl said...

Thank you all for your lovely comments. I will show these to Sharon; I am sure she will be thrilled.

Have a nice day folks!

~ NRIGirl

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