Oct 16, 2010

It's all about you!

Just thought I will do things a little differently today. Instead of a regular "it's all about me" post, I wanted to make it an "all about you" post.

I wish to give credit to my friends and fellow bloggers who encourage me with their comments, phone calls, emails and visits.

Let's start with @A Simple Blogger - lovingly called as @A in the blogosphere... He was the first blogger I met - whose blog I commented on - who in turn commented on my post and it went on from there. I can always trust him for honest feedback and have become great friends and exchange friendly emails on things happening, ideas for improvements, comment on the comments etc.

@SG surprises me with his posts each time as it is hard to predict what is next. He too gladly shares his feedback on posts and we have become good friends. I am glad he speaks the same language as me - Tamil - which allows me to comment in "Tanglish" from time to time...

@Bikramjit - When I first met him (of course in the blogosphere) he was already pretty well established. He had won tons of awards, received tons of comments etc. and I wasn't even sure if he will care to visit me back. I left him a comment and within days he caught up. I was very surprised receiving a comment from him. I love his posts though at times I don't feel the same zeal on political issues. He is a great person to know who loves his friends, which includes his blog friends. His posts repeatedly talk about friends and what they mean to him. Only one thing that used to bother me was, his Punjabi posts - but now he painstakingly writes the translation for us folks who are nil in Punjabi and I truly appreciate his time and efforts.

@Black Walnut Pearl - Trust me she is the one who got me started on blogging. Not only that, she is the first to create my first ever email address too. Over the years I have come to truly appreciate her friendship. Hers is one place where we (the whole parivar) can descend unannounced and know for sure she loves it! Though she doesn't comment often I know for sure she will tell me if something annoys her. All my stories on friends - like dancing in the rain, cloud watching, star gazing, it all includes her.

@Stranger - I respect his/her anonymity, so better not write much. I must add I truly enjoy the posts by her/him.

@Emily, Ruby slipper traveller - You all must visit her. She is such fun and tracing her path is unpredictable. She will be in Mexico one month, in London the next and elsewhere the third... She likes to call herself a 'nomad' but I am sure she makes it a home wherever she is. She shares a lot of pictures about her surroundings which takes you there. I truly love her fashion sense and the frankness by which she writes. Any given day I know for sure she will enlighten me with a cool post.

@... Petty Witter - It took me a while to get her name right, it's Witter and not Writer. Petty shares reviews of books she reads, some make you want to get that book right away, some make you think, 'good I read her review first, I am not going to touch that book'. I love her weekend posts which gives a summary round up of all local news that we would never come across unless you live in her UK surroundings. She is fun and honest and loves encouraging fellow bloggers with her comments and visits. Listen folks, if I ever write a book, I will get it reviewed by Petty first :)

@Dr. Antony - I call him @Doc and glad to have come across him in the blogosphere. He shares a lot from his personal experience which gives a 3D touch to his posts. He writes on random matters and brings our attention to some serious issues going on around us. My only complaint is, he doesn't blog as often as we would like to read; but then who else is?!

@Sanand surprises me every now and then with his comments. He loves his son and most posts are around their time together. I must add him to my blogger list so that I don't miss out on his rare posts.

@Haddock - His story about a bird nest in his backyard drew my attention to his blog. I truly enjoyed the picture updates he shared of this bird family - from birth to the moment the last one flew away. Can't wait to see what he is coming up with next - in a series like that.

@Raji - She has a dedicated post for pictures, and one for her thoughts. I think her first post I visited was a picture of a cat by the window sill with a caption, "Living on the edge" It made me laugh out loud. I appreciate her stopping by and leaving a trace with her comments from time to time.

@Bhawna - I appreciate the comments she leaves behind every now and then. I am looking forward to get to know her more via her blog posts.

@Y L - My Mom who is full of love - not only on us her children, but she loves all. She is full of life and laughter; loves her friends, my friends, all relatives, neighbors... Amma has recently started blogging, but I guess only one post she did. Hopefully she will share more in the coming days...

My cousin Jacinth is my all time favorite when it comes to discussing my posts. She encourages me for each post and I truly appreciate her taking the time to read and then calling me up to discuss it. She loves much and is much loved.

Reena, Rehana, Princess, Sunita, Lovet, Harikrishna my MCA classmate and friend, Yesudas, Mary Sunish, all take their time to get to know me more by reading what I have to say. I am so grateful for them all.

I know there are many more readers who I might not know in person or in the blogosphere but I truly would love to know them more. If you are one of them please leave a link to your blogs in the comments section; I will surely visit.

Thank you one and all for making my life little bit more interesting by your connections. God bless you all!


A said...

Thank you NRI Girl :) You are a very good friend and a good person :) I will write more in the evening. I have to rush to an event.

....Petty Witter said...

Many, many thanks for that lovely mention (I'm blushing) and do let me know when you are ready with that book of yours.
So kind of you to introduce us to all these other bloggers, I'm away to visit them now.

sm said...

nice photo
what we give
we receive back with interest

sm said...

nice photo
what we give
we receive back with interest

A said...


Thanks for mentioning my name. Appreciate it.

I like reading your posts because they are simple and I can relate to them easily. Day to day issues, children, family, work, issues with NRI on daily basis - these are the topic that seem very easy but hard to write. Hard to write because one needs to find balance on disclosing oneself enough but not going too far. Stating the issues and problems but not offending anyone. You do that very good.

Trust me I always provide honest comments. Negative or positive, you like it or not, I will say my mind.

Believe it or not, it happened some people did not approve (twice) my comments on their posts :)

SG said...

Thanks for your comments NRIGirl. I am humbled by your complements.

Emily, Ruby Slipper Traveller said...

Wow NRI girl, I'm truly touched to be included! And know that I am equally happy to have discovered your blog. A above seems to have stolen most of what I could have said, but I'll add that I always appreciate the authenticity of your posts. And I'll be sure to swing by the other bloggers you mention, some of whom I know already. This is the truly magical thing about the blogosphere!

Black Walnut Pearl said...

No comments;) I think our friendship has a strong credit history...that no one, even us can shake it:)

Haddock said...

Thanks for that.
Good to know that many liked those posts about the Bulbul. It is the encouragement that we get from people like you which keeps us going.
And for those who liked that, there is one more which was written after that (on a Munia)

raji said...


Anonymous said...

Thank you my Sister. Thank you for mentioning me and thank you for not disclosing much.

I must confess that you made me start blogging. I am sure I am going to visit all those bloggers you mentioned. Some of them I am already familiar, some others I have to get to know now...

Thanks to you for taking time to write about all of us. It is a privilege to be on your page.

Bikramjit said...

:) you write aabout me WOWWOWOWO .. and i took so long to reply back.. Sorry was away doing what most people are complaining nowaday a the nhs WAITING... :)

anyway Thank you so much for mentioning me WOWOW I am TOP OF CLOUD SEVEN , eighth :) woooo hoooo I am so happy the have come to your blog and reading what you write, I love it the easy simple and great articles you write ..

Seriously i dont know what to write .. I am completely floored i hope you beleive this and oh yes we are friends for sure and i am glad that I have one more friend around me suddenly life is beggining to look rosy again THANK YOU.

And wow some of the people you mentioned i already visit them and I have had nice talks with A too.. he is coool or as the new lingo in street he is wickedddddddddddddd....

A few of your followers have come to my blog too and commented for which i am so thankful, i will visit them tooo..
My hindi sucks big time hence the punjabi :) Thanks fo saying i am great person.. Can i cut past that and put it on my blog for all those who dont like me :) he he hehe

I am so happy now its put a big smile on my face after the last few days that have been going on this side of the world.. YEsssssssssssssss

Mainu yaar mere jaapde Khuda warge
Kissi Allah de faqir di DUA warge

(my friends are like god to me , like a holy mans wish (DUA) )

I have been blessed to have people like you around me , god has been kind ..

dr.antony said...

Thanks for the encouragement.
There is a simplicity about your blog.And that is why I like it.
I am not a seasoned blogger.It is difficult to find time in the middles of work.
I am really happy that you mentioned me.I got some new friends just because of that.
Keep on writing.As if there is no tomorrow!

NRIGirl said...

Thank you all! It kind of became a "fishing for compliments" post as all of you went on and on and on... thank you, I know you mean it.

First off, how could I miss out on @sm?! Don't tell me I am getting old... please don't. Thank you SM for your visits and comments. Much appreciated. @SM writes hard stuff, mostly politics, numbers, numbers and more numbers... makes me wonder if he has direct link in the high places...

@Raji! My name is Hephzibah Israel - Hephzi for short. Pronounced like Pepsi but with a 'H' instead of 'P'... Glad to be friends.


~ NRIGirl

Anonymous said...

Hello NRI Girl...thanks, you assessed us well..sometimes its nice to know about ourselves from others with whom we have some Psychological compatibility...

I am actually, not a writer like you all ppl but yes sure i can sense, perceive and very well can understand the situation, thing or whatever the way you writers can.. i love reading so m here..

God luck and keep on writing so that i can keep on reading :)

Sanand said...

Hey NRI Girl,

Your posts are always interesting to read but yes, I keep appearing and disappearing due to work constraints. Hard to blog often in my kind of profession but when I do, I always visit some favorite blogger friends and you are one of them. It feels like a great honor to be here, reading my name along with other wonderfully talented blogger and its overwhelming too.

Thanks so much for mentioning some of us here and giving us that space in your blog. It is a real encouragement to me, thanks again!

kavita said...

Both of us follow some common blogger friends-i see you often at A ,Bikram ,Dr. Antony ...just stopped by to say Hi! Nice to see you celebrate friendship :)

Hari K Gottipati said...

Thank you for mentioning my name even though I am a newbie here on your blog. Love to read your blog always!!!

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