Oct 7, 2010

From my Mom - To her Grandchildren

This is what my Mom wrote to console and comfort my children on the loss of their other Grandma. Thought of publishing it here as these are words of wisdom we all can benefit from...

My dear Rachel, Sharon and Joshua, I know that you are all sad because of losing your other grandma. Death is very natural and no one can escape death. We will have no regrets if we love them in their life time and show them our love by our words and deeds. You are wonderful grand children and you loved her and showed your love to her.

 God gave you a wonderful opportunity to visit her during last summer. You should be thankful for that. You stayed with her for a few days and you also visited her in the hospital. I remember how Rachel felt sad over her illness and her condition in the hospital. As small children you could not have done more than that. During her life time she was a prayer warrior and I am sure you were all in her prayers and those prayers are a source of blessing for each one of you.

 She was admitted in a very good hospital during her last days and was given very good care. She had problems in her heart, lungs and kidneys and the doctors could not do anything to make her get well. her death was a relief for her from her pains.

Dear darling children, please love your dear ones when they are living and show your love by your words and deeds so that you will have no regrets when they die. Our Lord Jesus has said 'give and it shall be given to you'. You give your love to your family and you will get plenty of love from your family.

I remember reading an incident where the children were so very sad and they were crying and mourning and weeping very much over the death of their mother. People were saying, 'look, how much these children had loved their mother!'. Then some one said their loss is very great since they made their mother unhappy by their words and deeds when she was living and because of that they could not be consoled. I hope you understand this story.

Your Dad, uncles and aunts are very sad to loose their mother; but they have the consolation that they loved their mother when she was alive and showed their love to her. Do not be sad my dear children; we have the blessed hope of meeting her in heaven because Jesus gave His life for us on the cross and He rose from the dead.

I know that it is too long a mail to write to small children. but since I have written it , I am sending it. May God bless you.



SG said...

Nice letter. Very touching.

dr.antony said...

Life is a one time opportunity.And love flows like a cascade, never flows back to a height.Parents give love to their children,and they,in turn, give it their own children.And forget to give it back to those who gave them.
Teach good values and practices.Have blessed children.

Bikramjit Singh Mann said...

Dont know what to say .. i am speechless

Bikram's Blog

....Petty Witter said...

How beautiful and so brave of you to post it. I'm sure these words gave much comfort to your children.

A said...

I hope your children are feeling okay and are able to handle this.It is very difficult for children to comprehend this reality.

raji said...

@ nri gal .it was a very nice way to convince the children and also ur mom has thought them the immense lesson of "loving and getting love of family members when they are alive"

NRIGirl said...

Thank you all for your comments. Sorry, things got a little busy here.

Children are doing ok now. Daddy returns on Tuesday. Hope to catch up with you all soon.

Stay tuned... Next post won't be long.

~ NRIGirl

Samvedna said...

your mom has taught a very valuable lesson and thank you for sharing it!!1

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