Jul 14, 2010

Pretty little city girl

Pretty little city girl
Could we be together?
Could you give up city lights,
Warm me through long country nights,
Stay with me forever?

A tiny passage I recall from my room mate's poem during my college days. I only remember the first stanza of the poem but very well remember the evening as she sat down and wrote these words, writing, scratching, re writing, re phrasing, reading it aloud for me... etc. I also recall there were atleast three more paragraphs. I am sure she still remembers the rest of her poem, and I encourage her to complete the post for us...

Dear Friend, this is my final attempt to get the rest of the poem from you. If you can email it to me I will gladly post it here. Kindly consider.

Thank you!


SG said...

Very lovely beginning paragraph. Hope your friend completes this so we all can enjoy a nice poem.

Sanand said...

Nice start and I wish i knew the lines but truth is that I don't. Anyway, hope someone out there is able to furnish it for you. All the best.

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