Jul 11, 2010

Days gone by...

New grade days with brand new books
School end days with all old looks

Dancing in the rain on rainy days
Sharing one coke on sunny days

Excursion days to scenic places
Exam days with serious faces

Assembly days singing National Anthem
Inspection days keeping tidy classrooms

Jolly days of the then and there
Dreamy days of distant future

Gleeful hearing church wedding bells
Lost in love of your own Day!

Always happy, Always dreamy
Carefree were those days gone by...


SG said...

Nice one. Those were the days we thought they would never end.

NRIGirl said...

So true, SG!

SG said...

Please visit my post. You have been tagged.

Anonymous said...

Were u in KV Bombay?

NRIGirl said...

Thanks for stopping by @Anonymous, No I was not. But I guess all schools are the same.

~ NRIGirl

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