Jul 22, 2010

Summer Checklist

Go to the beach, lake, waterfall, river...
Fly your kite high
Ride your bike
Walk barefoot around the house
Take cold shower
Dry clothes in the sun
Eat watermelon
Cook out
Sleep out
Eat out
Watch birds in the backyard
Count the butterflies
Grow some vegetables
Lie down under open skies, enjoying the clouds
Lie down under open skies, counting the stars coming by
Look at the birds that fly by, nest around...
Do not miss the moon as it grows
Live without  the air condition as much as possible
Walk, walk, walk wherever possible, whenever possible
Drive with windows down
Go fishing
Don't miss the mangoes
Have fun overall...

Summer doesn't last for long... Please feel free to add yours to the list...


Sakha said...

Summer is too hot here to do any outdoor activities even at night. Could try most of these if we were in Kerala. Oh how much I miss my state... :)

SG said...

How about having a BBQ in the backyard (and an ice cold beer).

NRIGirl said...

Sakha: Let's visit home as often as possible then to enjoy these simple pleasures...

SG: Big OK for BBQ! Will take a coke please...

~ NRIGirl

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