Jul 15, 2010

A Dream (Guest Post)

Note: I requested some of you to write a guest post on the topic:This NRI Life.  If you are interested please feel free to contact me at nrigirl@hotmail.com I will be glad to publish your guest post in NRIGirl blog. If you are not an NRI please feel free to pick your own topic.

About the Author: Since my friend wishes to remain anonymous, we will call her "Pretty Little City Girl". She is one of my best friends from college and remains close to this day though we had lost touch for years in between. I have often found her with a pen and pad scribbling words, bringing life to the paper. I truly admire her writing skills and hope you too would take the time to appreciate her efforts. I believe this posting will be an inspiration for her to start writing again...

Here's presenting "A Dream" by "Pretty Little City Girl"

A Dream
I could sense her heart wandering
No longer listening to my words
Those eyes which haunted me most
Fixed far beyond my reach
She looked like an alien
The wind blowing those jet black curls
Succeeded in covering her eyes from me

I could see her lips trembling
Is that a tear drop!
Glistening in the evening twilight
Hugging her cheeks tight
I wish I could invade her heart
Smoothing all those wounds
And healing them with soft kisses.

In my heart
I built a home of dreams and hopes
Painted it’s walls with blue of sky
Roof the green of mountains
I toiled day and night to make it the most coveted home
For us to live forever and ever

We sailed through the skies and walked through the mountains
When she paused to remove an unkindly thorn
My heart ached, I stooped her up
And all the pain was worth when I saw those stars in her eyes
I realized I am the luckiest man

I went wrong somewhere in between
Know not how nor why
Never thought it will be too much
For that fragile mind….
Inch by inch she shut me out
The efforts to draw her out turned futile.

I try…
Hoping she will forgive, be my girl again one day
The little girl who looked me in wonder, awe and love..
Then her world revolved around me
I wish I could get her back, protect her from all the hurt
Pain and disillusion I caused
Never never to make her cry
Her heart wrenching sobs squeezes my heart, chokes my breath
Oh God what have I done to her..

Something cold struck my face
I returned to reality with a start
It was one of the first tear drops
Sky has started scattering
With wry humor I quizzed him
Oh friend, “You too pitying poor me… ?”

Getting up, I held out my hand
For her to take it..
But with a shot of pain, I realized..
She is no longer beside me nor any where in sight
I called out to her , my voice breaking
No one answered except the thunder storm…
In the flash of lightening, I saw my red cap..
Which I kept with love on her jet black hair hours back
Floating aimlessly along the raging water….
Fast approaching the silver falls…
And no more.., it is gone forever
My eyes lost sight and has the rain turned salty suddenly…


SG said...

Beautiful. Very touching.

NRIGirl said...

I agree with you SG! Appreciate your comment. I was waiting for Pretty Little City Girl to respond. Let's see...

Hope all is well with you.


Sakha said...

Thank you dear. Hats off to you for making her do some typing... ;)

Sanand said...

Very touching and meaningful.

Najeem M Illyas said...

When will you be visible?

Najeem M Illyas said...

What I felt from the poem is the portrait in the poem lost her 'self' and wandering for the same and feeling like nothing...good insights of self and shadow personalities...its presented in a very gentle fashion and rhythmic...

Anonymous said...

Thank you to all for the valuable comments. lol..Don't you think Najeem there is fun in being invisible and listening ...I think I will start scribbling again...

All thanks should go to Queen coz she is the one who woke me up from my laziness...like as in our college days...

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