May 23, 2010

Letter to my children

My beloved children: Thanking God for your safe trip to India. I know it was a journey. I am glad Papa could accommodate you in the last minute. I am sure you guys must be exhasuted after the three flights and car rides. I hear from Papa you guys were amazing and I am so proud of you!

The home is very clean but empty without you. I am already doubting our decision to let you go for the entire summer. Hope and pray you have the best of time with Grandma and cousins and Aunts & Uncles.

As you might have observed now, life does exist outside of Planet USA. Be open to see India; how people live without the comforts we are so familiar with here at home. What we demand as basic needs here such as running water, air condition, microwaves, cars, internet etc. are signs of luxury back home. Praising God Grandmas are blessed that they can take care of most of your needs. Remember not all can afford it all; but most of them are very happy for what they have. That's what makes life more interesting in India.

Learn to be happy and contented. Don't shut yourself inside the airconditioned walls in front of the television. Get out; breath some fresh air; play out in the sun, learn to rest in the shades of neem trees or coconut trees; it's good for you afterall.

I am sure you will have plenty of company to play with; be kind to all. Try to learn our language; it will only make you smarter knowing many languages. Language connects us with the local people of a region. Did you know Grandpa - my Dad- knew as much as five languages?! He was fluent reading and writing in five different languages.

As much as we are Americans; we are Indians as that is our roots; our identity. Let's not forget that.

Rachel, try to update your blog frequently... Pictures can tell a lot of story; so try to post as much as you can... ofcourse whenever Grandma's internet is up!

Much love to all three of you darlings. When Papa comes back send me some 'murukku' - my favorite snack.

God bless you much.
Much love,
~ Mommy


A said...

Nice. Just some corrections though, Internet is no longer considered luxury and a lots of cars in India these days. I will check out Rachel's blog. I don't know how I missed this one earlier probably because of travel.

NRIGirl said...

I meant at the rural villages of Tamil nadu where our Grandmas are originally from - I don't see much improvement since I grew up to now... One notable difference I see is that all have Television these days and everyone wears good clothes - we don't see much dirty old clothes any more...

~ NRIGirl

Y L said...

these rural villages also have improved much

there were no electricity, no roads/ streets, no water facilities , not even kerosene stoves no phone connection etc in 1972 in my mother in laws all these modern facilities and more we have.
we had no bus facilities when i was a little girl in my native village.
we had to walk about 5 km to get a bus.
now so many buses, cars , etc etc.

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