May 12, 2010

Dream Chasers

Just like people who go after storms, we people go after dreams - it keeps changing one after the other and seems like a never ending chase...

Let's see: How many of us thought once we come to America (or anywhere outside India) all our dreams will come true? Did it? Yes - but then we got new dreams to chase after - a own home in America - that also came true - then the dream got bigger for a better/newer home - Ok got the newer/better home, does the dream stop there? No, it wants more now - the mortgage to be paid off - in full!

Along with paying for full tuitions for kids, traveling places, climbing up the corporate ladder, vacation home across the globe, coins of gold, the dream keeps moving on as we keep chasing after.

It seems to me it is ever evading... There seems never a moment in life where all dreams come true as long as more dreams are in the pipeline. I am at a point where I call it quits!

A grateful heart for what we have and a humble prayer for continued good health... That's all I dream about these days - there you go, dreams never stop, but the chasing can...

"Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever"


A said...

I really like it. Dreams cannot stop but chasing can...very nice

NRIGirl said...

Thank you A!

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