May 7, 2010

Laugh & Roll

Have you had moments where you laughed like crazy? I have had many such moments where me and my friends laugh over silly stuff, rolling on the floor, banging on the tables, stomachs aching, eyes watering, heads rocking, jaws almost hurting - all the while parents or teachers are giving you stern looks demanding you to stop right then and there... It only makes it even harder to stop rolling...

You take a brief pause and burst out again at the glimpse of one another, or the slightest thought... you start over again, rolling, laughing, crying, banging, holding the stomach... When at last it subsides it doesn't take long for more bolts of laughter.

On such occasions the onlooker wants to know what is so funny and we can't even explain it without roaring all over again, and finally when they hear it, it doesn't amuse them much!

Some incidents right away will be silly and will make you wonder what in the world I laughed so much about - whereas some incidents will make you laugh even years after - anytime you think about it!

Here's to share one such moment - Myself and my childhood best friend Victory were in the church - night service and there was no power - so we had to lit candles - mosquitoes, ants and other small bugs flew to the light and we killed them "gently" and made a small heap next to our candles. When we were so immersed in our collection, counting the insects, grouping them, rearranging them, the power came back on jolting us both with a jerk which triggered the laughing button and for the next few minutes to follow nothing could stop us...  The fact that we were in the church and couldn't laugh louder, made it more funny and our Sunday school teachers were giving us looks and it was such a relief when the service was finally over and we rushed out to continue louder.. It is one night that makes me laugh even after some 15 years!

Well, here's wishing you much laughing moments and such lasting friends!


A said...

Last night we had some friends at our home and we laughed from 8PM to 1AM. Stomach was hurting with tears in eyes. I thought I will put on blog...but I don't remember why we were laughing.....women started telling respective husband's responsibilities at home and others kept interrupting and was so hilarious but very hard to capture on paper.

NRIGirl said...

Great A! You are a blessed man!

Y L said...

only last week i was wondering what happened to my laughter?
but two days back cynthia aunty visited me and while we were talking i got my laughter back.
i called her to thank her for this laughter and she has promised me to visit often

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