May 25, 2010

Frozen in time

I was catching up with a friend today and we both agreed on how we NRI's are frozen in time when it comes to things of past. Where we left India that's exactly where we wish to return to - to the same frame, to the same scene and to the same state of mind....

We wondered if it happens to people who are married and settled in India or is it only the NRI's who go through this "freeze mode"?! I wonder if this is just a "girl thing" or guys too experience similar syndrome...

For many years I was sending stickers to the little kids I knew - imagining them as still "little kids" - forgetting that life moved on at their end too and now they are out of college!

I would chat with friends/family and continue with the same set of jokes we laughed at ten years ago as if it just happend yesterday. Their response would be, "You remember things from that long ago?!"

When I receive a wedding invitation for someone, my immediate response would be, "Already they are marrying her off?!" just to realize to my utter dismay that it is not "already" it is "about time" and that the clock has struck a few times since I last saw her!

When people ask what they can get for me glady I say, "orange hard candy" and they raise their eye brows in disbelief...

Even now to wear saree or to do an updo it feels like 'that's for adults' as if I am still a child... What's wrong with me?! I am glad atleast one another friend agrees with me that she too is in a "frozen" state.

How about others? If any of you know a trick or two to get thawing going, please share with us; we sure would like to catch up with time...


A said...

You are right about frozen mind. :)

NRIGirl said...

Hey A! It is such an encouragement getting comments on your posts and you are so good at it!

Thank you,
~ NRIGirl

Swathy said...

OMG,OMG,if u were anywhere close by, i would have hugged u in relief..
i feel the same too..
like i am living in 2 different times..
India freezes for me once i baord the plane to melbourne and vice-versa..
and i kind of expect ppl, things, to freeze too..
I remember every detail of our last meeting, ppl seldom remember even the time..:)
thanks for making me feel.. i am not alone in the crazy world!!
- swathy..
on n off blogging!!

NRIGirl said...

Dear Swathy! Thank you for stopping by and thrilling me with your comments. Glad(?) to see yet another soul frozen in time... like me.

I would like to visit your blog sometime too.

Thank you for making my day.

~ NRIGirl

NRIGirl said...

Hi Swathy! Couldnt' quiet figure out your blog URL from your profile page. Please share.

Thank you,

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