Apr 20, 2010

A Mom's Perspective

Back in November I wrote A Child's perspective sharing with you Rachel's encouraging words on the last day of my previous job.

Here I am five months later, praising God for an offer for a full time position! I count it a blessing that I had a few months off to appreciate my family more. It is also a blessing joining back the work force - which I love much too. As I had mentioned in earlier posts, I am not much of a happy camper being all indoors - I need to get out to meet people, to breath fresh air, to dress up and feel better of myself.

It is true I got quiet comfortable staying home too, but doing just the chores around the house wasn't much fun and when there is so much chores around the house, I really can't do much fun stuff!

Looking back I can honestly tell you that I enjoyed my children more, and was looking forward to spending time together on evenings and weekends. We bonded as a family better rather than doing just mundane tasks.

Definitely the best thing accomplished during my break was starting my own blog and meeting you all! Thank you for making it all possible to make my dream come true!

Stay tuned for more posts... In the meantime, if any of you have started blogging, please share your links...


A said...

The best thing of starting your blog, a lot of people like me follow you. You made some new friends though on internet but still. I am glad we found you.

Good luck with your new job and keep posting :)

NRIGirl said...

Thank you A! You are a great friend!

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