Apr 9, 2010

Israel! Israel! Israel!

ISRAEL is my most favorite of all places in the world! No, I haven't visited it yet but I am sure to go some day! I would say I am in love with Israel!

I love watching Israeli movies just because I love to see the places and the people. When I see someone tall and handsome, I would imagine King Saul would have been like that; when I see someone not-so-tall, but very fair with curly hair and beautiful eyes, I would think King David would have been like that. The beautiful women remind me of Esther, Ruth, Abigail, Bathsheba - the women of beauty in the Bible. A young, solemn, pious girl would remind me of Mary...

Always Israel has been my favorite name too. I am blessed to be married to a Israel! My first name Hephzibah is from the Bible (Isaiah: 62:4), a Hebrew word meaning "God's Delight". Hephzibah & Israel together would mean "God's Delight Israel". How beautiful!

Now the reason I am so thrilled today is that I have had a visitor checking out my blog from ISRAEL! The very same Israel that has been my love and delight over all these years! The very same Israel I read about, hear about, dream about & hope to see about sometime.... The very same Israel that was hand picked by God Himself, blessed by Him, loved by Him, led by Him and Him alone!

Thank you Visitor! You made my day! Shalom to you and yours!

~ Hephzibah Israel


Angel said...

Dear Akka..All your articles are very nice.
You have good writing skills.I myself am very much interested in writing articles and poems..but never get any time at all..guess i need to set a 'PAUSE' button too.Hope yogapushpam auntie,annan & kids are doing fine.
Take care.

NRIGirl said...

Great to hear from you Angeline! I have reposted a past article for you and others you have expressed interest to blog. Take your time and check it out! You will be amazed at how good you feel...

~ Queen Akka

A said...

Israel is in my list of places to visit too. I have traveled all around but no to Israel - not yet but I am sure I will go there one day.

john smith said...

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