Nov 24, 2009

A Child's Perspective

I have recently lost my job; the last day of my work when I was feeling a little low, my ten year-old daughter encouraged me with the following words in her email:

It was surely an encouragement and enjoying each blessed day off work with my special family... I am sure God is in control and will provide something better.

Dear Mommy,

It's okay that you are loosing your job. Here are the reasons I am not worried:

1. YOU can spend time with us

2. WE can do things like Wii Fit

3. YOU don't need to worry about the job

4. GOD is with us

5. YOU can do your hobbies

6. WE love you no matter what

7. GOD will provide

8. YOU don't need to work all the time

~ Rachel

P.S: You will find a job in no time


Y L said...

the way rachel has expressed her thoughts , the concern she has to uplift the spirits of her mother reveal her maturity and kindness of heart.
may our Lord God bless this precious darling.
blessings from grandma

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