Apr 30, 2010

Shall we dance?

Dancing is not our trademark. Our family doesn't dance. It is not in our blood, brood or culture if you will. But lately we are trying out some swaying of the hips and fanning out of the fingers - within the confines of our own living room. It only takes one to start and the rest of the crew jumps in, making it a performance of utter delight, perfect chaos and utmost fun.

It almost always ignites bursts of laughter if Mommy starts it. Occasionally if Mommy and Daddy start it together within minutes we can find three little heads sandwiched between us. It erupts crying and fighting if more than one want to dance with Daddy. Not that much demand for Mommy.

My favorite move is making a horizontal 'V' on both hands using the index and middle fingers, swiping it across the eyes and moving side ways with a broad smile and rolling eyes. Swirls are simply the best ending in ripples of laughter. Daddy would sometimes get the idea to use a broom stick for a standing mic and then all kids grab their own mics - often TV remote or a pen or phone receiver or anything handy or within reach. In no time, the performance would have turned into a musical.

Sharon is very good with pretend play and always comes up with new fun ideas which is interesting to watch. Rachel is like Mommy with lot of giggling and repeating moves. Joshua prefers to play silly with lot of shaking and making faces.

More often than not children would find something to cry about, fight about and quit about - which only adds to the merriment of parents who continue to sway their hips and fan out their fingers, swirl, step and dance on and on and on...

Ask your family, "Shall we dance?" I guarantee, you will not be disappointed!


A said...

Dancing is fun and good exercise too. I learned some moves very late in my age. Good to know your family from this blog.

grandma said...

dear little darlings,

shall i join you in your dance?


NRIGirl said...

A: Appreciate your comments. As you say, it is never too late to start. Happy dancing with Mrs. and Ms. A!

Amma: You have the whole summer to dance away with your little darlings!

~ Me

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