Apr 28, 2010

No, I don't LOL!

I don't LOL! For that matter I am not a big fan of TGIF and don't think anything is gr8! I guess you got my point, I would rather laugh out loud, thank God it is Friday or amaze at something great!

Somehow the text message jargons used so lavishly these days is not my style. Call me old school, I don't mind; but I really don't think using these jargons would make one cool.

Does it really save time typing the syllables instead of the words? I don't think so as most of such conversations are a time waste in itself. I believe using the abbreviations also abbreviates the meaning, and the stregnth of the conversation.

Let's say you forwarded me some funny email and I responded with "LOL" what does it mean really? Was it funny or silly or what? How about "It made me laugh" or "Laughing out loud"? It is not the same - is it? ILU - Is that sufficient to express love? Does it make the most sense as "I Love You!"? I don't think so, do you? Think about it, how much time we are going to save typing 'thnx' or 'thnq' instead of a proper 'thanks' or 'thank you'? Don't you agree the words 'thanks' & 'thank you' are full of meaning and real gratitude whereas 'thnx' / 'thnq' just means 'whatever'...

Imagine, how will it be if the news was in the abbreviated language or how about real conversations face to face? We won't like a morning greeting of 'gm' or 'gd' instead of a proper 'good morning' or 'good day'. Why do we then use these in text messages? If we are in that much hurry it is better to skip the greeting altogether.

What I find very interesting is that people who are so fascinated by abbreviations while writing are almost always fascinated by using elongated words while speaking - such as 'Television' for TV or 'air conditioner' for AC. I have noticed, they also tend to elaborate descriptions of things, scenes, food, people as if to compensate for the tons of abbreviations used in their texts or emails...

A friend of mine recently wrote, "I am bored, LOL!" My response was, "If you are really bored then why not try laughing out loud instead of just LOL?!"

Now, if you feel like LOL, by all means go ahead... GBU! (no pun intended!)

Jargon reference: http://www.webopedia.com/quick_ref/textmessageabbreviations.asp


A said...

Usually I don't speak, type or write internet abbreviated language either. I prefer to write plain simple English. Also I agree it does not save time.

NRIGirl said...

Good to know you are on my side A!

Y L said...

very good reading!

Anjuli said...

Really agree with this post!! Great thoughts- and a good reminder for me not to fall into the trap of the abbreviated language.

NRIGirl said...

Appreciate your comments Anjuli! Briefly visited your blog; will check back at leisure later.

~ NRIGirl

Nisha said...

I have come here via a link. :-)

And here is one more person agreeing with your views. I can't even read half of these shortcuts. It's a pain.

i lyk ur pst vry mch.
Seriously. What the heck does it mean ?

NRIGirl said...

Glad to see your comments Nisha! It makes my day! Thank you!
~ NRIGirl

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