Mar 23, 2010

The way to a man's heart...

Dear All: "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach" - when I heard this saying for the first time I was greatly worried as I knew nothing about cooking. Occassionally I have cooked some rice, boiled some water, made a scrambled egg... that's about it! 

When our marriage was fixed Papa was much worried. He called me aside and said, "Queenie, may be you and son-in-law can make some sandwich or salad or toast or an omlet and you can survive" I thought so too - until I learnt my husband had to have a dal or curry every day.

As he had lived in the US nearly two years before our marriage he knew a thing or two about cooking - definitely a lot more than what I knew. So he taught me to cook... After a few trials and errors I learnt the art and have slowly found the way to his heart!

I am not an expert now, but the few items I know, I do it the best. Haven't heard any complaints so far though my friends still tease me about few cooking adventures gone wrong over the decade... I am not much worried as my husband assures me I am the best cook he has ever known! That makes all the difference to me and I am all set to keep on cooking!

Here's an attempt to put together what I have learnt so far, thought it might be useful to someone who is in the same boat as I was 11 years ago. Here's introducing NRIMenu! Please share the link with your friends & family if you think they'll find it useful:

Yours truly,
~ NRIGirl


A said...

Once again, nicely written. Hey if you don't like cooking, continue writing these short blogs....stay focussed on these blogs.

Not all men are fond of eating..I can say about myself for sure.

NRIGirl said...

Thanks A!

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